Empower Churches To Reach Men

Imagine having a strong and vibrant men's community that drives the mission and vision of your church?

This dream rarely becomes a reality because there is no compelling vision for men articulated or visible. Or there is no meaningful process that both transforms the man and also trains him to lead in the church context.

No end game. No goals. No Pathway. No larger vision for him. On the flip side, if there is a strong vision, a defined process to realize the vision, and outcomes that make men stakeholders in the ongoing success of the church's mission -- men long for that kind of significance!

OUR Ignite Conference produces results!

  • 5-10% commit life to Christ
  • 15-25% recommit life to Christ
  • 25-35% commit to weekly meeting attendance
  • Weekly meetings that continue to grow attendance
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A proven strategy and process that supports the church ministry efforts.
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