• Pastor, Bethany Church
  • Spouse: Melanie Stockstill
  • Education: ORU


Larry Stockstill

Pastor Larry Stockstill is the former senior pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center, a multi site congregation begun by his father in 1963 that he assumed leadership of in 1983. His son Jonathan assumed the role of senior pastor in October of 2011. Larry and his wife, Melanie, have six children, all of whom are involved in his ministry.

His leading book, "The Remnant: Restoring Integrity to American Ministry" is being distributed nationwide and worldwide in other languages to promote renewed standards of holiness in leadership. Stockstill is also director of Surge, a worldwide church-planting movement that planted 21,500 new churche... +/- More

Cause: Model Man

Our burden is that every Christian man would move from being a "mediocre man" to a "model man." Without model men, our nation is doomed, our families are directionless, and our businesses will crumble from within. Learn More