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Putting Faith Back Into Your Future

Worrying about the future is big business and a big burden. We ask our kids what they want to be when they grow up. Tiger moms and dads pressure their kids to perform at a high level at very tender ages in order to get little Johnny and Jenny out in front of the future. In the process, we are creating kids who are paralyzed by the prospect of not meeting expectations. Case in point, I asked a high-school senior the other day what her college plans were and she walked away from the whole group. In her mind it was easier to excuse and embarrass herself than to take on her future.  This obsession with controlling the future is getting out of hand and adults are no better.  We are constantly peering into the crystal ball, planning ahead, forecasting, imagining what may be, dreaming of new realities, and how to avoid potential pitfalls.  But what happens when my future fails to meet my own, someone else’s, or culture’s expectations?


ANSWER: It becomes a burden.


Torch or Baton?

How will we secure the next generation of young men?


By Kenny Luck 


We have all heard it.  


One man passing the "baton" to another. A father passes a baton to a son, an outgoing CEO passes one to the incoming one, or a retiring athlete passes the baton to his younger successor. Nice idea but wrong metaphor when it comes to faith, mentoring, leading, and discipleship.  Why wrong?  Because from the first relays in ancient Greece to the world track and field championships of today runners who pass a baton stop running after handing it off

Looking Forward to a "Good Fight"

  • By Every Man Ministries

The Navy Shipyard, Sandy Hook, Columbine -- the mere mention of these names open files in our minds about seemingly senseless shootings, deaths, perhaps vulnerability. Along with these, recent news of Syrian President Assad unleashing chemical warfare on unsuspecting populations and the anniversary of “9/11,” remind us of moments in time when the world stops to ask “why?”


While these events fuel national news reports and investigators pursue answers, inevitably the tsunami of discussions will revert to worldly explanations and political agendas. It amazes me when a massacre occurs, we tend to try to “contain the culture” with the politics of peace, federal funding for education or counseling or economic plans for poverty.


Cultural men don’t want to rely on spiritual answers. There’s no room for the “morality play” in their game because those answers force us to look in the mirror. 

Beating Cheating: A Lesson from A-ROD

  • By Every Man Ministries


You’d think a man with a vault-full of money, fame, talent, who appears to have it all -- including being the highest paid player in Major League history, wouldn’t resort to cheating. Yet, he did, along with several other players and professional athletes seeking to maintain their status.


I call it the “Delusional Syndrome” -- with fame and fortune come an illusion of control and power. Money can change people. It can make them think they are above reproach, above the law, the league and that there’s nothing that a signed blank check can’t solve. This syndrome makes grown men act like over-privileged and entitled children. Here’s one way to remember it:


The Best Investment?

  • By Every Man Ministries

As real estate values ride the roller coaster of an unsettled market and stocks, bonds and financial investments sway with every innuendo posted on twitter, it begs these questions: Where’s the best return on my investment? Where can my money be put to good use? Where is there a guaranteed return I can count on like grandma’s pasta sauce?  Winner every time.


The short answer: God, other people and yourself. This is serious business, by the way. If you are struggling with money, or even if you’re not, the following information has the power to change everything for a man seeking to know, serve and love God.

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