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Beating Cheating: A Lesson from A-ROD

  • By Every Man Ministries


You’d think a man with a vault-full of money, fame, talent, who appears to have it all -- including being the highest paid player in Major League history, wouldn’t resort to cheating. Yet, he did, along with several other players and professional athletes seeking to maintain their status.


I call it the “Delusional Syndrome” -- with fame and fortune come an illusion of control and power. Money can change people. It can make them think they are above reproach, above the law, the league and that there’s nothing that a signed blank check can’t solve. This syndrome makes grown men act like over-privileged and entitled children. Here’s one way to remember it:


Avoid The "Cultural Trap," Part 2 - Feed Your Soul, Not Your Ego

  • By Every Man Ministries

While society shouts “feed your ego,” I hope God’s man can avoid this cultural trap by learning how to “feed your soul.”


We are all vulnerable to the “cultural trap,” because we live in this world, and this world is not for us, it’s against us. When you feel trapped, often it’s the dabbling in drugs and alcohol that crash your house of cards.


God’s man needs to know about the trap, and how to avoid it. The key is to “feed your soul, not your ego.”


Think of your soul as a bridge between yourself and God’s spirit. Your soul is who you are - which is a mix of history and mystery. Your soul is made of your past and present. Your soul combines what you know, with what you have yet to learn. It’s who you are, at a core level.


So how do you feed your soul?


Ironically, the best way to feed your soul is to take the focus off yourself, and onto God. I think the most important skill to avoid the cultural trap is to feed your soul by learning how to love God. If you know how to love God then you’ll know how to love yourself, love others and ultimately how to feed your own soul. Jesus said it is the greatest commandment, and I believe it’s the key to avoiding the cultural trap.

Avoid The "Cultural Trap," Part 1 - Feed Your Soul, Not Your Ego

  • By Every Man Ministries

Cory Monteith, of the TV hit show Glee, fell into the “cultural trap.” So did Lance Armstrong, as do so many professional athletes and celebrities whose lives, careers and reputations are cut-short or destroyed by drugs, alcohol or other addictions. But famous people are not the only ones susceptible. So are you and me.


What is the “cultural trap?” It’s the notion society promotes to “feed your ego, not your soul.” If we make more money, have more friends, have the trophy wife, have more toys, vacations, time-shares, trinkets, and things, then we will have it all. We can easily get caught comparing ourselves to others which baits the trap of doing things that feed our ego and esteem. And, often drugs and alcohol push us over the edge.


Why would a rising star who appears to have it all wind up on the floor of a hotel room dead due to overdose? Why would a superstar athlete cheat? They were trapped and didn’t know how to get out. Then, they chose to flirt with drugs and alcohol which turns ugly -- fast.

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