The Recipe For Leadership

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Every man carries “The Mantle” of leadership for his family. When it comes to your family, you are “The Mantle” of leadership. It’s your job your duty to surround and cover your wife and your children with love, affection, caring and spiritual leadership. God teaches us these Biblical truths in Timothy, Proverbs and Matthew. Let’s look at what the Bible says about how we God’s menshould live our lives today with “The Mantle” of leadership.


What is mixed into your life?  What is your heart full of? Is it full of business information? Is it trivia? Is it sports? Is it success or status? Is it politics? The Recipe For Leadership


Usually the dominant recipe of our heart is what we talk about.


We speak about what fills our heart. The heart of the family is what is at the heart of a man. We have to guard what goes into our mix.  We have to feed on good stuff and put off bad stuff.  


Jesus said it’s real easy; you simplify in terms of what you fill up on and what you leak out. You leak what you love. Let’s say that together. I leak what I love.


In Mathew 22:36-39, the question goes to Jesus: What counts? What’s important? What should we put an emphasis on? Where should we put our energy? Jesus makes it very clear that it’s about your heart being filled with the right stuff.


“Teacher,” the apostles asked Jesus, “which is the greatest commandment in the law?”


In other words: Where do I need to put my energy? What is the greatest bucket of energy I could put it in? Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with your entire mind.” The second thing is, “Love your neighbor as yourself; all of the laws hang on these two Commandments.”


If you love Jesus, you will lead like Jesus. If you love God with all your heart, you will love His word. You will be putting your life in His hands. You will be putting your family in His hands. If you love Jesus, then you will love your wife as Christ loved the Church. If you are going to put your wife, your children, and your family first, you need to put loving God at the center of your life.


That’s the recipe for success. Now we’re cooking chili as God’s man. Now we are making motions. When we are living it out like this at home, doesn’t that season everything else we’re doing?  It’s kind of like having your bucket filled and the rest of your life is what’s spilling out over the top.


Watch one or more of The Mantle Sessions where men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck helps you to learn how God’s men are learning to take hold of their mantle.




KENNY LUCK is an ECPA Platinum Award Winning Author, who has authored and co-authored 20 books for men. Kenny is the president and founder of Every Man Ministries. As the former men’s pastor at Saddleback Church in California and current leadership pastor at Crossline Community Church, Kenny has found the proven way to improve men’s ministries around the world. Sleeping Giant is this blueprint, and gives men the tools they need to lead and understand their own men’s ministry. Watch Kenny’s teachings at and start your men’s group today!


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Gary Armour

I have been in many leadership roles all my life: Scouting, Marriage, Family, Career, and Church. And yet the most important roles, marriage and family, were probably the roles I was least successful in completing. I believe Kenny Luck has hit the nail on the head with this series, "The Mantle of Leadership". I challenge every man who reads this to prayerfully consider the concepts that are included in it. And I pray that you will become a man of leadership in your family and church!

Theo Simmons

This that you speak of bring a completion to the heart set, mindset as well as the soul .I Love this, resilience also enhances the heart, mind body and soul of man. Know thy self and stay connected to the best. God. Remember every moment that we go to the filling station we desire to be filled with the best.

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