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Hope for a Second Marriage: Lessons for the Marital "Tweener"

  • By Every Man Ministries

I’m a big fan for marriage, even second marriages. Why? Because although God despises divorce, He loves family, and is more concerned about our character. He uses tests, trials and yes, even divorce. Why? Because he likes to redeem life from death.


If you’re married, keep it that way. Love your spouse like Christ loved the church, sacrificing everything for her. However, should the divorce bug bite, there is still hope for a second go around.


If you’re single, keep it that way, until you are ready. When is that? Hopefully soon. But keep reading, you have something to gain from this lesson as well.

The No. 1 Threat to Marriage? - How to Be a Hero at Home

  • By Every Man Ministries

Every young sports fan dreams of being a professional athlete — the physique, fame and fortune. Unfortunately, when we pick up the Sports page or log on to the net, we see on a regular basis that not all athletes are as strong at home as they are on the field. That’s because there’s one more thing that often accompanies professional athletic success: Adoring women.


Sex scandals have taken down some of the most amazing athletes and their marriages. Sitting atop of their game, many athletes don’t know how to deal with the adoration of women, and fall to a lack of self-control and/or short-term memory loss. Then POOF -- their marriage is in shambles, reputation tainted, costly divorce proceedings, and the media hyenas eat up the infidelity stories until there is nothing left on the bone.

Nike Re-Signs Tiger Betting Men Have Forgiven, Forgotten

  • By Every Man Ministries

Despite an expensive and highly publicized divorce due to cheating on his wife, this week Nike re-signed golfer Tiger Woods to another lucrative contract. I wonder if this is a sign that Nike doesn't care about character and will capitalize on Tiger's resurgence to the game? Or if it's a matter of forgiveness, a more powerful attribute. Or both?


Either way, here's what we can learn from Nike's move.

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