Joe Champion

“With an authentic voice, Kenny Luck leads with the essence of what it really means to be “every man”. His style is relatable, effective and firmly rooted with biblical integrity. Sleeping Giant is a powerful tool that will elevate you and the men in your church to the next level!”

Joe Champion, founding and senior pastor, Celebration Church

And author of Rocked

Rick Warren

"Saddleback Church is built on a strong foundation of men—strong, respected, godly men who lead by authentic example, through honest communi­cation and inspirational action in our church. In Sleeping Giant, my men's pastor Kenny Luck gives you a local church blueprint for moving men from being an audience sitting in a seat to becoming an army marching on the field in your congregation. Discover the pathway to engaging the men in your church to be all God intended them to be as they serve as leaders, counselors, shepherds, hus­bands, and fathers. Sleeping Giant shares the secret to building a healthy leader-making growth and development engine that supports the vision of your church." —Rick Warren, founding pastor, Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life Watch a message

George O. Wood

"Sleeping Giant does what it infers—awakening men to their calling and potential. Every pastor, church, and leader that desires to activate men for God's work should read this book, and so should every man. Its a life-changer and a church-changer."

—George O. Wood, general superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

Bryant Wright

"Kenny takes on the monumental task of rightly charging men with their biblical roles as husbands, leaders, fathers, and much more. He examines the current trends of media and society that continually push men into a less than masculine role and contrasts them with God's design for men. Kenny has written a great book that can lead men and men's ministries to the rightful place in Gods economy."

—Bryant Wright, president of the Southern Baptist Convention and senior pastor, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia

Kevin Springer

"We were struggling to establish a dynamic men’s ministry. That is no longer the case. Our church now has new men’s small groups meeting weekly, with plans for expansion and leadership development in the future thanks to Kenny's model represented in Sleeping Giant, It started a revolution that infected our men, their marriages, and our overall leadership." —Kevin Springer pastor of life development. Living Oaks Community Church, Newbury Park, California, and author of Power Evangelism

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