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"Male" Fraud - Broken Male Culture Always Exposed But Never Expected to Change


“The government did not get a ‘winner.’  On the contrary, it got a fraud and all the publicity and exposure that goes along with having sponsored a fraud. That is decidedly not what the government bargained for.”


This throat grab and assassination of character is our government’s official response to Lance Armstrong’s motion to dismiss the fraud case in the matter of The United States v. Lance Kenny Luck, Every Man MinistriesArmstrong.  Cutting, clear, and concise: Lance Armstrong is a thief.  It’s about as personal as you will ever hear the government talk about a former favorite son.  In a rare display of feelings, the claim transcends the money and journeys shamelessly into morality—this guy stole the good will of his sponsor and partner.  Vengeance hath no fury like a government duped.


Fat chance getting that case dismissed Lance.


Not Getting A Winner


Substitute the words “this single mother,” “this betrayed wife,” “this fatherless child” for the “the government” in the above entitled action and one gets close to the toxic feelings and emotional fever boiling in the hearts of millions of wives, mothers, girlfriends, daughters, and sons in social fabrics across the globe.  They did not get a “winner” either.  They were victims of “male fraud” and live each day with the public and practical consequences they did not bargain for.  And while the government might be able to get some of its financial investment back if it wins, that same hope does not work in the realm of emotional capital invested in a man.  There is no recourse for that kind of loss in our legal system but there is plenty of regret, feelings of stupidity and loss for having once believed fully in a man only to be confronted with an ugly reality.  

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