Backs To The Wall

Less Middle Ground Forces Faithful Men to Choose


No way out. 

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The military term is called encirclement. Think Thermopylae, Little Big Horn, Dunkirk, or Stalingrad. No supplies can be received. No reinforcements are coming. No retreat is permitted or possible. One side has lost its freedom of maneuver because the opposing force is able to isolate it by controlling all ground lines of communication and reinforcement. No man, no unit, and no army intentionally chooses to be in this position. It is usually the result of the tide of battle turning.
Three (and only three) options are available to you: break out, fight to the death, or surrender.


Deciding not to decide is not an option.


You may not be deployed in Baghdad or Kabul or along the Korean DMZ at the moment but make no mistake: as a man of God your back is against the wall. Your personal world may have avoided direct exposure to the growing cultural conflict for now but it’s coming to every believer’s porch. For some of you it’s coming “Next Day Air” and you don’t even know it. In this hour, no amount of complaining politically or cocooning socially with fellow believers will be enough. You will have to stand.

The Spiritual Pathway For Men - Get In and Get Healthy

In the last article, we established that for men, inspiration without progression is stagnation.


A vision that resonates with men is required if you desire to truly engage them within a church. If there is a strong vision, a defined process that helps a man realize it, and outcomes that make men stakeholders in the ongoing success of the church’s mission: men long for that kind of significance, and they start showing up in big numbers.


The Sleeping Giant model and process provides answers to men’s critical questions and bridges men from inspiration firmly over to the progression of spiritual development by calling men in the congregation and in the community to:


• Get In
• Get Healthy
• Get Strong
• Get Going


This is the Sleeping Giant Spiritual Pathway. Let’s look at the first two steps.

Sleeping Giant is The New Years REVOLUTION

On the Chinese calendar, 2013 is the Year of the Snake.  For the church, 2013 is the year of the Man.  New Year’s Revolution is afoot. God’s movement of men within the church is exploding!


Most pastors dream of having a strong and vibrant men’s community that is driving the mission and vision of their local churches. In the past, this dream rarely became a reality because there was no compelling vision for men that is articulated, visible, and connected to a meaningful process in the church context. 

Eating Men Alive -Powerful Men, Common Fears

David Petraeus and Tiger Woods were two of the most revered and respected apex predators in the masculine pecking order. Both breathed the rare air of cult status in the most coveted zones of male glory:  battle and sport. They were disciplined warriors who possessed the spoils of manhood while simultaneously achieving  “role model” status bequeathed to those who are professionally transcendent. 

So Your Guy Did Not Win the Election?

I admit it. I want my guy to win this presidential election.

War, government, and politics are a huge part of my story. I am the son of a WWII prisoner of war (my mother) and naval officer who served his country for 27 years (a Democrat and Republican respectively). In junior high I won a “State Capital” trip for missing one question out of two-hundred on a United States Constitution exam. I was also a member of the Harry S. Truman club that year.

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