7 Ways to Know If You Have A Good "Pound for Pound" Church

Greatness must involve victory over quality opposition or significant odds.


In the boxing world I have just described Manny Pacquiao.  You don’t even have to love boxing to admire and respect this little man who packs a mighty punch.  Manny Pacquiao has 7 Ways to Know If You Have A Good “Pound for Pound” Church By Kenny Luckbeen appropriately labeled by fans of the sport, bloggers, sportswriters, and fellow boxers as the best “pound for pound” fighter in the modern era.   In other words, as a boxer who has won titles in eight lighter weight divisions, he is never going to fight for the “heavyweight” championship of the world.    That’s because he is five feet six inches and weighs in at a hundred and fifty pounds, all wet in his street clothes.  He is not going to be remembered like a Muhammad Ali because his greatness in the sport is measured in different dimensions.   These include: how many weight divisions he has won, the quality of his opponents, and his skills in the ring.  I will never forget witnessing those skills for the first time.  Hand speed.  Power. Work rate.  All masterful.  You know a guy is great when you feel sorry for everyone he fights.  In this way, a “pound for pound” fighter designation gives you the greater measure of the boxer.  Measuring pound for pound puts smaller fighting men into the powerful categories right up there with the “heavyweights.”

Technology Jesus Would Use to Reach You

  • By Every Man Ministries

Remember when wearing a pager was a hi-tech status symbol? But you had to have a quarter in your pocket so you could use a pay phone...Or when “sending a fax” was the fastest way to send documents? Then, computers and email took over. Soon, innovators combined the computer and phone, and voila, we have “smartphones.”


Kenny Luck, Every Man MinistriesTechnology is getting even smaller. I read recently, “smartwatches” are coming -- now we will literally be tied to our technology. And, the “Google Glass” will allow you to gaze through tech-filtered lenses accessing mobile computing with eye-tracking software.


Our technology era has even made getting to know God “easier” with online Bible versions and translations, new mobile applications of the Bible and teachers, and Christian movies and music are available to be downloaded. With all this technology and access to more material, you’d think God’s man would know the Word better than ever, right?


Unfortunately, despite unlimited access to all forms of the Word, one of the biggest weaknesses among God’s men is a lack of knowledge of God-breathed scripture: The Bible.


I believe there’s no replacement for the “technology” Jesus would use.

Seven Signs Your Men's Ministry Has Gone "Rogue" -- Unaligned Men's Ministry Is Worse Than Having One At All


“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you.  Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”

                                                                                    Hebrews 13:7 NIV


He’s gone rogue.”


Kenny Luck, Every Man MinistriesUsually you will encounter this phrase in spy novels when counter-intelligence operatives, spies or assassins leave the “grid” and, consequently, the control of their handlers.  In any context the word “rogue” suggests someone or some thing has become unorthodox, unpredictable, dangerous or solitary.   Practically, that person or group have escaped your control or ability to manage their activities in any functional or positive way.  On film or in real life the response to the news that someone or some thing has “gone rogue” is the same:  “Oh, no” or “Uh-oh.” These are the un-colorful and sanitized responses one might hear.   The inner reaction is more telling—deep fear.   That’s because the man or men who have “gone rogue” have either the asset of proximity to things or people you value or tribal knowledge that they can use against their employers or sponsors.  What damage they may or may not do with those assets is what makes the “rogue” men ones that need to be feared if they are connected to what you are doing.   The feeling is not good.


They make you feel vulnerable to attack from within.

"Male" Fraud - Broken Male Culture Always Exposed But Never Expected to Change


“The government did not get a ‘winner.’  On the contrary, it got a fraud and all the publicity and exposure that goes along with having sponsored a fraud. That is decidedly not what the government bargained for.”


This throat grab and assassination of character is our government’s official response to Lance Armstrong’s motion to dismiss the fraud case in the matter of The United States v. Lance Kenny Luck, Every Man MinistriesArmstrong.  Cutting, clear, and concise: Lance Armstrong is a thief.  It’s about as personal as you will ever hear the government talk about a former favorite son.  In a rare display of feelings, the claim transcends the money and journeys shamelessly into morality—this guy stole the good will of his sponsor and partner.  Vengeance hath no fury like a government duped.


Fat chance getting that case dismissed Lance.


Not Getting A Winner


Substitute the words “this single mother,” “this betrayed wife,” “this fatherless child” for the “the government” in the above entitled action and one gets close to the toxic feelings and emotional fever boiling in the hearts of millions of wives, mothers, girlfriends, daughters, and sons in social fabrics across the globe.  They did not get a “winner” either.  They were victims of “male fraud” and live each day with the public and practical consequences they did not bargain for.  And while the government might be able to get some of its financial investment back if it wins, that same hope does not work in the realm of emotional capital invested in a man.  There is no recourse for that kind of loss in our legal system but there is plenty of regret, feelings of stupidity and loss for having once believed fully in a man only to be confronted with an ugly reality.  

Our Daughters Need to Know Where We Stand


High school pick up.


Kenny Luck, Every Man MinistriesI wish that meant the act of picking up my sophomore daughter in the car. But after sitting in the car waiting for her to leave cheer practice, observing the parking lot “happenings,” and filtering what I saw as a dad, I am convinced we have epidemic cluelessness as fathers.   “High school pick up” is a theme not for cars or carpools here, but for what is happening to daughters of clueless dads being visually and physically preyed upon by young boys looking for the next girl they can conquer. So… dad… let’s start by talking about the clothes your daughter wears for a moment.


What’s your stance on shorts?  I am not talking about the kind a dad in Utah protested recently by wearing cut off Daisy Duke style jean shorts to teach his daughter a lesson in modesty.  I am talking about the booty shorts or yoga pants that leave no curve or cheek to the imagination becoming acceptable in the name of sports or cheer or exercise.  My “high school pick up” experience made this loving father mad: one football player and eight female high school volleyball players in the parking lot all in booty shorts and cut off shirts.  Forget about the guy for second.  Think about these young girls as a father.  At that moment I wish I could have every dad of a high school girl on a simulcast conference from the parking lot.  Listen:  high school boys DO NOT need to see your daughters butt cheeks or draw them into imagining what they are like.  I am not suggesting pants.  Nor am I suggesting pulling out the tape measure.  You were a young man once right?  You know too short when you see it.  That’s usually synonymous with too tight, too revealing, and way too visually noticeable.

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