HOLY SHIFT! Do you need to Make One?

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Don’t worry.


There’s an “F” after the “SHI” and before the “T” and, yes, I did it on purpose.  I am exchanging the secular phrase for a sacred principle, the silly for the serious, and if I pressed your buttons then mission accomplished.  What remains are the two words every believer must consider if they claim to be a follower of Jesus – holy and shift.  See for yourself.


“If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. The old things have gone; everything is made new!”  2 Corinthians 5:17 NCV


Holy Shift!That’s some major shift going down.  Oops did it again.  Key word here? Everything.   God says he wants all of you versus parts of you.  Get that.  Life with God requires change in God if the relationship is working the way he designed.   God himself is telling me in strong, simple terms that when he is at the center of my life I don’t get to pick and choose my changes of life and lifestyle.  It’s positional.


“Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?”  Luke 6:46 NIV


By contrast, if we do call him “Lord, Lord” we will be moving, exchanging, changing, or adjusting our ways for God’s ways on a regular basis.  Why?  Because when you are connected to Christ shift happens (of the holy sort).   The red letters of Jesus in your Bible clearly state one unequivocal fact:  change is ground zero of the spiritual life.  We dispute this reality of spiritual life internally because personal change is often emotionally uncomfortable for us and requires new character we don’t presently have.  Or we flat out disagree with God because we don’t want to give up that attitude or behavior.   The result is self styled Christianity, patterned around our comforts, where we live out of spiritual and non-spiritual boxes as the context suits us.  Both approaches fall short and neither passes muster with God.


“I beg you to offer your lives as a living sacrifice to him. Your offering must be only for God and pleasing to him, which is the spiritual way for you to worship. Do not be shaped by this world; instead be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.”  Romans 12:1-2 NCV


Beg?  Apparently the Bible assigns an urgency to change.  Or, staying with our theme, the shifts need to be hitting the fan starting with your inner life progressively making its way to your outward expression.


A Load of Shift


The moment we decide to commit energy for the purpose of changing or exchanging our ways for God’s ways we are making a HOLY SHIFT.   While life in God demands change in God, the consequence of making these shifts in being, believing, or behaving have a massive payoff – God’s blessing.  If you are ready to make a major advance, stop a major problem, go to a new level, or experience success in your life with God and people, then buckle up!  What are the most critical areas of transformation God desires? You won’t shift your pants, but the biggies include:


Making A Spiritual Shift


Outward change doesn’t last unless inner change is driving it.  That’s why the first HOLY SHIFT every person needs to make is in their relationship to God.  Specifically, that means we seek to refresh our vision of God to go to our next destination in God.  Seeing God clearly for who he really is redefines who we are, how we feel about ourselves, and the way we should think and live.  There’s life and then there’s living an eternal life starting right now.  That’s the life you were made for – life with God now and forever.  Every living person is created by God, for relationship with God, and is purposed to go back to God. That process starts with a “yes” to relationship initially and ongoing where we recognize God, respond to God’s love in Christ, receive his presence into your life, and release yourself to his purposes daily.  Say “yes” right now.


Making a Mental Shift


Letting go of the old to win the new always begins with a thought.  New behaviors in any area of our lives always reflect new beliefs about those areas.  We exchange the stale and stagnant perspectives that leave us the same for newer ones that get us better results.  In the battle for change, your mind is going to make the difference and God wants to make sure you win the war between the ears.  You can have the “mind of Christ” if you have the Word of Christ (the Bible) as the main ingredient of your mental recipe for living.


Making An Emotional Shift


Let’s face it:  we are not good at facing or expressing our feelings.  Both men and women hide and mask anger, internalize pressure, deny being hurt, and withdraw in the face of hard truths about themselves.  These inabilities at the emotional level create problems and distance in the relationships we treasure most. As fathers, husbands, moms, wives, friends and believers our relationships call for and require emotional health.  And when we are emotionally healthy the people connected to us suffer less and develop better. Knowing God involves untangling emotions and growing toward newer, more productive ways of dealing with feelings.


# # #


Kenny Luck is an ECPA Platinum Award Winning and Best Selling Author of twenty three books for men. His latest book, “Dangerous Good: The Coming Revolution of Men Who Care” (NavPress) will be released in August 2018. As a thought leader and expert on men and culture, Kenny is called by God to revolutionize men's ministry, free men spiritually, and empower men's movement worldwide.  God is using Kenny to reach over a hundred thousand men each week through the Every Man radio show in Los Angeles and the worldwide LIVESTREAM of his weekly men's meeting via Every Man Ministries on Facebook.  Kenny and his wife Chrissy have been married 29 years, are parents to three awesome millenials.


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6 Comment(s)


Great insight and challenge. EMM has such impactful content that is very relevant to the realities of men's lives. Thank you Kenny and your team for the constant challenge to step up to the plate and remind me to allow God to move and work in my heart.

Steve Schoonover

Wonderful shift going on here Kenny. This is so important and flies in the face of what, without God, seems to be standard operating procedure (stand your ground, pick yourself up by your boot straps, don't show weakness, etc). We men, even when inclined to be Christ-like, resort to the "Possum Lodge" creed from the Red Green show. "I'm a man. But I can change, if I have to, I guess." Thanks for another great post.


I get what is being said here and really REALLY enjoy these posts. But I have a question... Are we saying it's ok to make simple changes like what is made here in a somewhat serious phrase? Holy ShiFt? I believe God looks at the heart, and while we are knowingly making this simple change we have to be thinking the other. We need to change the heart, which is where the relationship comes in.

Beaux Gilliam

SO Looking forward to doing the Holy Shift series in the Fall at First Prsbyterian,San Antonio,Tx.I will be starting a men's class! Any insights that you can give a First Timer

Paul Heinl

Very good words, great food for thought. I was in a men's group at my previous Church, we used your book Sleeping Giant to study and discuss, it was a great source of inspiration. I have been led to another Church, they are smaller and fairly new. They asked me to lead the men's group, so I am looking forward to the wisdom I can gain from you, and hope to use some of your teachings in the men's group. Best of luck to you and your ministry, praying for God's continued blessings!

Brad B

This was fun and insightful! God, shift men everywhere in following you more closely.

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