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TEEN TROUBLES: Tips for Fathering Teenagers

  • By Every Man Ministries

As children move though the teen years they desire to pole vault into independence. This, mixed with a bubbling set of hormones and an ever-expanding understanding of society, can make fathering teens one of the hardest, emotionally charged tasks for God’s man. Yet, it’s critical to “lean into” these years versus withdraw and not allow the pace of life or teenage attitudes to create detachment.  Here’s why: this is when your children are in the “red zone” of identity and it is your responsibility to bring them into the end zone of adulthood.


Unfortunately, reading between the lines of the following news reports, many teens suffer from a lack of fathers leaning in and taking their roles seriously resulting in unintended but very real suffering. Check out these national headlines from the last couple months, along with “My between the lines” take:

The Ultimate Draft Picks & Requirements - Who's On Your Team?

  • By Every Man Ministries

Every pre-season, professional sports teams “draft” players and make “trades” to assemble a team for the next season. Teams look for a winning combination, the best possible mix of talent and experience that fit into their system. I think every God’s man needs to draft teammates that support his goal of living a God-honoring life.


So, who’s on your team?


At Every Man Ministries, this is a core concept. We want men to “Get in. Get Healthy. Get Strong. Get Going.” If that’s your system, then you need to draft teammates that support this process.


Here’s what I mean: The first person you want to draft is a man who you can confide in, perhaps a best friend or pastor, who you may think of as a “Wing-man” -- someone you can confess to, share your struggles with and pray with.


TERROR ALERT: How to Be Ready for Anything

  • By Every Man Ministries

With Al Qaeda terrorist attacks imminent and recent US Global Travel Alert, threats of terror and rumors of wars can strike fear in people’s minds. It’s the fear of the unknown, fear of imminent doom, and the fear of vulnerability that puts the shiver in our spine. Where’s the next attack? Who will suffer? What will happen to our lives, our family, our economy? These are all legitimate questions to wrestle with, both with yourself and your loved ones feeling the same fears and looking to you for answers.


I believe God's man must be ready for anything. That may sound impossible. Yet, I believe God has provided the plan and tools to equip men to handle any threat, circumstance, and ultimately, fear.

TUNED IN: Music to Our Ears, Minds, Souls

  • By Every Man Ministries

Miley’s manic behavior on the Video Music Awards got attention -- mostly bad. While the media analyzes her singing, dancing and unrestrained antics, gasping parents wonder “where did Hannah go?” while kids are undoubtedly celebrating her freedom of expression.


Music bypasses your cognitive thinking and goes directly into your soul. It speaks. You feel it, and don’t typically think about it. Music can represent freedom, a place to go to when life weighs you down. It’s tempting to turn to music to escape instead of God.


Music can be uplifting, and it can fan the flame of guilt, shame and rebellion. According to child therapists, music is the number one way troubled youth cope with their pain. 

The No. 1 Threat to Marriage? - How to Be a Hero at Home

  • By Every Man Ministries

Every young sports fan dreams of being a professional athlete — the physique, fame and fortune. Unfortunately, when we pick up the Sports page or log on to the net, we see on a regular basis that not all athletes are as strong at home as they are on the field. That’s because there’s one more thing that often accompanies professional athletic success: Adoring women.


Sex scandals have taken down some of the most amazing athletes and their marriages. Sitting atop of their game, many athletes don’t know how to deal with the adoration of women, and fall to a lack of self-control and/or short-term memory loss. Then POOF -- their marriage is in shambles, reputation tainted, costly divorce proceedings, and the media hyenas eat up the infidelity stories until there is nothing left on the bone.

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