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What God's Man Can Do About Bullying

  • By Every Man Ministries

Imagine being 6’ 5” and more than 300 pounds, a human tractor capable of plowing holes up the middle for football running backs and protecting quarterbacks from agile defensive lineman. Now imagine being educated at Stanford. A man with brains and brawn.


At a glance, a man of this stature could never become the target of harassment and bullied to the point of depression and resignation. Yet, Jonathan Martin, an NFL offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins recently walked out of the locker-room, and perhaps his football career, because of the treatment that afflicted him at the hand of his fellow teammates. I’m glad he did and put bullying into the spotlight because bullying is not just for kids and it’s costing people their lives.


After reading this brief blog, I hope you and other God’s men will be able to identify bullying at home, school, and at work, and be able to apply some Godly muscle to all parties involved.

What Fantastic Fathers Do: 7 Ground Rules to Becoming Fathers of the Future

  • By Every Man Ministries

Parenting children is such a mammoth responsibility. From infant through adulthood, children rely on their parents in more ways than the pocketbook. While no one is the perfect parent, certain parenting behaviors have serious negative effects on children. For example, studies show poor parenting can lead to higher risk for psychological disorders, academic performance problems, depression and low self-esteem, violence and behavior problems, failure to thrive, problems with the law, and poor social adjustment.


I would add that absent fathers, leave girls and boys without a role model for how the family unit is supposed to work, how to have a healthy loving marriage, and how a man lives out his faith in good times and bad. This has devastating impact on our economy.

The kids are watching…waiting… learning. The question is how, what, when and where should you be teaching them?

7 Ground Rules to Becoming Fathers of Future

3 Tips to Confronting Your Kid's "Ugly" Online LIfe

  • By Every Man Ministries

In the previous article “3 Tips to Preserving Your Kid’s Online Life,” I suggested to engage in your kids online life, enlist support and encourage communication. But what happens if you discover a problem? What would you say? What’s the approach?


Let me answer this after sharing a true story.


Recently, I took a minute to engage in my daughter’s social media activity. I noticed one of her Instagram friend’s screen name was “Sexy Betsy” (not actual name). Sexy Betsy is the 14-year-old daughter of a dad I know, and was posting photos of herself in “racy” attire. I wondered if her dad knew how his daughter was portraying herself, and if she realized how her images affected men, young and old, with lustful desire.

Dealing with Divorce

  • By Every Man Ministries

We all know God hates divorce – mainly because of the pain that ripples out of it. Still it's inevitable. People cheat, steal, hurt others, treat spouses unfairly or just walk away (with half of everything). Even the most amicable divorce is never good. Divorce stains, leaving a lasting impression on the spouses, children, families, friends and co-workers.


Regardless of the reason, divorce is common. It’s become a cultural norm, despite its nasty repercussions. In some ways, divorce is harder to deal with than a death in the family. At least the death provides closure. Divorce, on the other hand, never goes away. It is the end of a marriage, but the relationship with the spouse and children never ends.


And divorce doesn’t discriminate among faiths. One study, albeit 10 years ago, showed divorce is actually more common among “Bible-believing” Christians. Statistics are sometimes fishy, because they typically involve a sample size “representing” a population. But nevertheless, divorce is a cloud overhead just waiting for someone to rain on. If you know someone in the rain, do you leave him alone all wet or do you bring an umbrella and stand in the rain with him?

Hope for a Second Marriage: Lessons for the Marital "Tweener"

  • By Every Man Ministries

I’m a big fan for marriage, even second marriages. Why? Because although God despises divorce, He loves family, and is more concerned about our character. He uses tests, trials and yes, even divorce. Why? Because he likes to redeem life from death.


If you’re married, keep it that way. Love your spouse like Christ loved the church, sacrificing everything for her. However, should the divorce bug bite, there is still hope for a second go around.


If you’re single, keep it that way, until you are ready. When is that? Hopefully soon. But keep reading, you have something to gain from this lesson as well.

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