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Like Father, Like Son? - Uprising Series III

Isaiah 5:7 says, “The vineyard of the Lord Almighty is the house of Israel, and the men of Judah are the garden of His delight. And He looked for justice, but saw bloodshed for righteousness, but heard cries for distress.”


What we see is a Father tracking his sons to see if His character is being reproduced by in them. We see this idea of God’s character: a just God, a compassionate God, a merciful God, a loving God, a delivering God, and how he wants those parts of Himself passed into your character, and then moved out from you into a waiting world.

What's The F? - The Fantasy Island Series III

Welcome back to Fantasy Island.


Let’s start here: fantasy is ultimately about maturity and intimacy. Men will chase intimacy at some level to get their needs met. That’s true of everyone, not just men. When there are conflicts that impact real intimacy, our desire for intimacy doesn’t just go away.


We can’t talk about fantasy without talking about maturity and intimacy. A pursuit of fantasy reveals where we are in life with these things. These are the two vacuums in life that draw us into fantasy.

Why The Fascination With Superheroes? - Uprising Series III

When you think back on your life, how many of you had visions of being a superhero who brought justice?


I know that 90 percent of you had some form of superhero paraphernalia: underwear, pajamas, a cape, masks or a Halloween costume. There is something in us at a very young age that wants to be a few things: we want to be good, we want to be dangerous, we want to have special power, and we want to deliver justice.


Now why is that? Why is it universal across the globe? Why is it universal across cultures?


We want to be on the right side of good, but then as we age our vision goes from the ideal to what is really born into us, to something else, usually because we’re subjected to life here on Earth. There are losses. We get hurt.

You Can Have The Real Thing - The Fantasy Island Series II

Just about everyone has experience with an encounter of some kind, whether it’s women or men, young or old. I want you to see the reality behind fantasy


There is a huge, epic battle for your connection with fantasy. It goes to how you deal with reality.


Mary Eagan, a writer for the Boston Herald, wrote this, “A couple of years ago this very smart, fun, very pretty 22-year old woman told me that she had been with men her age at least twice who could not have sex with her because she did not look like — or do in bed — what they had seen in pornography.”


How depressing is that!

Wake Up The Sleeping Giant - The Uprising Series II

Are you born of God? Are you a son of God? Can you step into the masculinity that you were born for an endless quest for sonship, or… If you are God’s man, are you dabbling in culture, and playing with worldly versions of sonship?


Men, we need to return to God in the same way that God said to the men of Israel. Circumcise your hearts. Circumcise yourselves to the Lord. Become a passionate son.


This is what happens to the man who receives the Son of God: reception, spiritual inception, and new obligations.


We read about it in Romans 8. How does it all work? If I say yes to Jesus, how does that change me? Who do I become?

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