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What's the "Scouting Report" on You?

  • By Every Man Ministries

Going into the NBA Finals, World Series, Super Bowl or any other sports finale, both teams “study film” and look for chinks in the armor of the other team. It got me thinking about the "scouting report" the enemy has on me, and on God’s man. If I were the enemy, how would I seek to destabilize or destroy my life? Answering this question, can help God’s man see life through a different set of lenses and be prepared.


Here’s a game plan for God’s man, outlining the enemy’s scouting report on you, with a strategy to win the battle for God.


Notice in 1 Peter 5:8-9 that the enemy of God’s man is seeking someone to devour, like a lion. Interesting that even a lion does a scouting report on its victim, sizing it up, planning an approach and pouncing at the victim’s moment of weakness. “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith...”

Man of Steel Vs. Son of Man

  • By Every Man Ministries

The box office hit movie "Man of Steel" contains imagery and references that the filmmakers thought would be of interest to faith-based communities, drawing a comparison between Superman, the Man of Steel and Jesus, the Son of Man. So, I thought it would be fun to compare Superman and Jesus in a head-to-head competition of overall greatness. Then, you can decide whom to idolize.


Superman is perhaps the most popular “super hero” among men, because, in my opinion, he personifies what men aspire to be and do. For example, he saves people, he has special skills and abilities, he has integrity and infallible nature, yet his Clark Kent character provides a “human” side that feels vulnerable, weak and awkward. I think these are reasons why Superman resonates so deeply with men.

Nike Re-Signs Tiger Betting Men Have Forgiven, Forgotten

  • By Every Man Ministries

Despite an expensive and highly publicized divorce due to cheating on his wife, this week Nike re-signed golfer Tiger Woods to another lucrative contract. I wonder if this is a sign that Nike doesn't care about character and will capitalize on Tiger's resurgence to the game? Or if it's a matter of forgiveness, a more powerful attribute. Or both?


Either way, here's what we can learn from Nike's move.

The Man Cycle - God LOVES Sex - Part One

It’s silly not to talk about the number one issue, the number one temptation, the number one economic engine in culture for men — and that’s sex.

Testosterone never goes away; your sex life isn’t just a physical thing. God knows where your sex life really is - on the inside. There is so much sexual confusion, so much brokenness. I have never met a man who hasn’t, in some way, been impacted or broken in the area of sex in one form or another.

God’s mind on sex is very positive. Sex is a gift. That’s how He created you. Sex is a good thing. He wants you to use that aspect of your life for positive things, not to misuse or abuse it.

God hates sexual sin, not because He hates sex, but because He loves life. Our identity as God’s men, our energy and expression sexually is to honor, worship and glorify God.

Acceptance At Any Cost - The Father Factor Part One

Why men do the things they do to get accepted and validated? I want you to think about that.


I don’t care how far back you go, whether it’s elementary school, junior high or high school. I want you to think back about some of the things that you did to be accepted by your buddies, some of the crazy things, whether it was on a playground, at a social scene, or at work.


I did a number of things when I was growing up to get accepted and validated by guys. I wore a number of masks when I was with my jock friends, I grunted and hit them a lot.


When I was with my smart friends, I was the master of trivia. In the social scene, I was the master joke teller. I wore several masks to become who I needed to be in order to prove that I belonged, that I was accepted and approved.

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