Daily Devotionals

  • By Every Man Ministries

Be Specific

Above all else, guard your heart, 
for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

When facing the enemy we have to fire on targets that support his mission. It’s not that you send a sniper with a unit and he just goes to kill people. No, you need to aim for the leader, you need to aim and take out that which will produce the most psychological devastation on the enemy and the most functional, when you study war and snipers. Usually they look for the leader. They find out whose being saluted to, they find out who is the one directing the show. They fire on the target that best supports the mission.

What does God have in his sights in your life; he has your inner man, your heart, the center of your affection, the center of your emotions, the center of your will, and the center of your purpose that drives you.  Remember, God is looking for willingness inside of us, to work with Him in our hearts. We read what God said about David in Acts 13:22, “I found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart for he will do anything that I ask him to do.”

God’s looking for watchfulness. He wants our hearts to be something that we watch over and protect so that the wrong thing, the wrong affections and the wrong passions don’t get into it. We looked at the passage where it says” look over your heart with all diligence for from it flow the springs of life.”

You are fighting a force that you are unable to defeat. Only God who has placed his Holy Spirit in you will bring victory. He has already alerted you as to what to zero in on. Pull the trigger.

Thank you Father you have made me a sniper in training.

  • By Every Man Ministries

Don’t Be a Victim of your Mind

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

In James 1:13-15 God paints a picture of how sin is conceived and gives birth to certain behaviors. He says, “When tempted, no one should say God is tempting me, for God cannot be tempted by evil nor does he tempt anyone, but each one is tempted by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed.”, “then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin and sin when it is full grown gives birth to death." Picture your thoughts fertilizing your will to conceive actions. There’s that process you have to watch out for. Use caution around what you let in your mind. There's an inner process of thoughts fertilizing your will and that conception leads to actions.

In Proverbs 4:23 it says, “Be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life.” There is a source that runs your life and it’s the internal process of how you are thinking. Recognize the power of the mind. You can move your life toward God and his purpose for your life or you can move away from God and the purpose for what he has created you based on what you allow in your mind. The key to these passages is to understand that sin doesn’t happen in an instant. There is a process; you can short circuit this process by being aware of how this process works. The picture of the process of birth is clear. You should not be blindsided by your sin if you understand the process it will help you snuff out the fire.

Father, thank you for showing me that my actions are a result of a process.


  • By Every Man Ministries

Clean Hands and a Pure Heart

Who may ascend the mountain of the
Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god. Psalm 24:3-4

The first thing required to go to a higher level in your relationship with God, the passage says, is “clean hands and a pure heart who does not trust in idols or swear by a false god.”   We are ascending there and we are going to be there, in a holy place where there is a holy God.

Jesus made it clear to us when speaking to the Pharisees. One can be clean on the outside, but the inside is a whole different issue. To be clean with a pure and holy God you also must be clean and pure on the inside. In fact, Jesus made an issue of being outwardly religious, holier than thou. He went right past that to inward cleanliness.  A relationship with God is no different than a relationship with your wife or any good friend that you have. Honesty is the essential. God knows everything about us anyway, so all He is asking is to be real with Him.

Father, you love me so much, may I not ruin what you have given me with dishonesty.

  • By Every Man Ministries


When you look on Dictionary.com you will find seven definitions of the word “Authority”, I will give you just a few: (1) An accepted source of information, (2) Quotation or citation from such a source, (3) An expert on the subject.

In 2004, thousands in Inodesia saw the death and destruction from a Tsunami, and thousands were saved because of one man’s authority.  He was the source of information and advice — he was an expert on the subject.

When we face each day there are many obstacles, surely not all are tsunami type, but I think we can all think back on certain times in our lives that we felt they were tsunami-like.  At those times we all are looking for answers to survive those big waves. We look for someone who has positional authority, someone who has prior knowledge of the situation we are going through. We look for relational authority, someone we can trust. We look for experiential authority, someone who has been through a similar type of tsunami.

The Holy Spirit does not sway people without positional authority - the knowledge He gives, relational authority that a strong connection gives, and experiential authority - knowledge of the future gives. The Holy Spirit is both before and after every event in your life. When he speaks to you He is the voice of experience from age to age. He has managed a few billion lives, he’s seen it all. Listen to the ultimate authority that the God head has given you.  

Thank you Father for all that you have given me to trust you.

  • By Every Man Ministries

To Catch a Thief

The thief has played us all at one time or another and will continue to play us. He is relentless in exerting his influence in every way he can.  In relationships, in morals, in spiritually illuminating moments, and emotional experiences, he’s always involved. The reason is that this is where he gains the most in the basic transactions of our soul.  But knowing this diminishes the chances that he can play you or manipulate you.

Of course just knowing this isn’t enough. You must know him — his character and the ways it manifests in his conduct. When you see certain dynamics in people and in situations, those affect certain clues about their source. To catch the thief, the spiritually aware God’s man, must make the casual connections.

Jesus didn’t hesitate to out Satan when His radar picked up Satan’s tell tale qualities. He knew:  “That’s Satan!” His radar blinked red and squawked for a number of reasons. If we look carefully we can get a picture of the unrepentant character we are dealing with. Watch and learn from the master, He is the God man who lives within you. Here is what He had to say about Satan. He has murderous intent—He lies and deceives to justify evil actions—He practices self-interest and self gratification at others expense—He uses mental diversion and distraction to eliminate spiritual transformation—He uses many words to mask his lack of integrity—He hijacks God’s plans through man’s passions and self interests—He opposes the advancement of the gospel in one’s life.  Translation:  Deception? Bet on his involvement, that’s what Thief’s do.

Father, thank you for my personal educator and protector, the Holy Spirit, who you have placed in me. Don’t let me minimize His power.

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