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  • By Every Man Ministries

It is especially critical to hear your wife's voice when she's speaking from the very center of her gifts. Our wives are fellow heirs of grace, every bit as worthy to lead our homes as we are, except for God's grace in granting us that role.  This ability to lead is especially evident in the areas of their strengths.

Please view your wife as your helpmate. When she accepts this role, she commits her gifts to supporting you and lifting you to Christian greatness as a husband and father.  You've got to admit, she can be a big help.  Her very presence is an encouragement, especially during those dark days when you have many dragons to slay.


He who finds a wife finds what is good and

receives favor from the LORD. (PROVERBS 18:22)

  • By Every Man Ministries

The first step toward integrity with God is throwing our way out, surrendering unconditionally to His standard, and then moving fully toward His plan.  The reason so many men are unfulfilled in their relationships with God is that they will not give up their ways.  That's why the doorway to integrity and intimacy with Him is the response of faith.

This is how a relationship with God begins initially, and it is the way a relationship with God is maintained continually - by faith. Practially, it means God's man must simply take God at His Word and leave the relsults to Him, based on who He is and what He did to earn our trust in Christ.

Today I will lay down my life in front of 

my Maker and give up my attempt to fight

God's plan for my life. I will give myself to

the prevailing power to administer the plan

for renewal and growth. I will submit to

God, His plan, and His process. In 

unconditional surrender I acknowledge,

"Yes, Lord, You know better."

  • By Every Man Ministries

If you've ever masturbated, you know that your heart is often gripped with heavy grief and sorrow afterward.  At that moment, it is very clear that you don't deserve all the grace Christ has given you, and you can barely lift your head to look into your Father's eyes.  The distance is very real.

But our mistakes and this distance are never the centerpiece of God's focus on us.  If you would manage to look again into His eyes and run to the foot of the cross, you'll find that Christ's outstretched arms and His desire to forgive are always the glorious centerpiece to every Christian's story.  Every one of us can tell our own story of His amazing grace, stories that He Himself has authored and will perfect and complete, regardless of our sin.  This is God's focus.  It must also be ours.

Does that mean we shouldn't fear God?  Does that mean we should be slack on sin?  Heavens no!

  • By Every Man Ministries

Confession is not a one-time thing: It's a lifestyle and spiritual discipline for God's man.  So, which life do you want?

A LIFE OF...                                   A LIFE OF...

pride                                             humility

secrecy                                          openness

self-deception                                honesty

independence                                unleashing God's power

no accountability                            interdependence

pretending                                    accountability

sabotaging relationships                 authenticity

cutting off God's power                   strengthened relationships

creating distance from people         creating closeness

physical illness                              better health

resentment                                   joy

insecurity                                      security in God's will



Lord, the choice seems to be a no-brainer.

Help me be wise and choose a life of

courageous confession.



  • By Every Man Ministries

When it comes down to it, God's definition of real manhood is pretty simple: it means hearing His Word and doing it. That's God's only definition of manhood - a doer of the Word.  And God's definition of a sissy is someone who hears the Word of God and doesn't do it.

Have you ever known a guy whose beard is so heavy he uses two blades to shave in the morning - one for each side of his face?  By late afternoon, his four o'clock shadow is so thick he has to shave again.  Four blades in one day! For those of us who are "smooth men," we hold this tough guy in awe.

But God cares nothing about that.  When God looks around, He's not looking for a man's man but for "God's man." His definition of a man - someone who hears His Word and acts upon it - it tough, but at least it's clear.


Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says. (JAMES 1:22)

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