Every Man Ministries Launch

Every Man Ministries & Kenny Luck have just launched a revolutionary web destination for Christian Men, Men's Pastors & Leaders. Over ten years in development, the SLEEPING GIANT TOTAL SOLUTION is the Proven Men's Ministry Model. It is Now Available worldwide for churches, men's leaders and Christian men providing programs, resources and video content for weekly meetings or personal study. SLEEPING GIANT is THE blueprint for Men's Ministry; a year-long strategy that is adaptable for any size church, moving men from bystanders to the front lines. SLEEPING GIANT enables pastors to turn their crowd of affiliated men into a core of activated men and leaders who are aligned with their senior pastor's vision and mission.

Celebrate the launch of EveryManMinistries.com with a free video on us!

To get your free video session please do the following:

  1. Go to www.everymanministries.com/mediavault.
  2. Find the $5 video session you wish to watch for free.
  3. Click "Buy Now"
  4. Enter the coupon code: tryemmtoday
  5. Watch your free video.
  6. Share with a friend in need:

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us.