Media Purchase: Be her hero: how not to suck as a husband Part 4

All 4 sessions begin with a short peek into the creation story of Adam and Even and in this session Doug picks up on Adam’s first call of duty… which results in him throwing Eve under the bus. Men have been doing this since the beginning of time--Sin. Blame. Shame. More Blame.Doug uses this example and makes a strong case for men to take responsibility for what has happened in the [past] marriage, take responsibility for their actions…and work toward being her hero—naked and unashamed. Quit blaming! Quit blaming her! Quit blaming the job. Quit blaming the kids. Quit blaming the pace of life. Basically, quit being a little boy and be a man. The final two action-steps (of 7) require men to hold up the mirror, take responsibility and stop chasing empty dreams. Doug addresses guys having affairs—not necessarily with other women, but having an affair with the CHASE—their job. Work is the object of their affection… the mobile phone is their mistress… the laptop their lover. Busyness is the enemy of depth and too many marriages are shallow because of pace, misguided priority and pride. This hard-to-receive message is made a little easier by Doug’s humor and honesty… but it ends strong and passionate for men to rise up and be God’s man in their marriage.

Part of Be Her Hero: How Not To Suck As A Husband 4 Part Series by Doug Fields

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