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Body,mind, Spirit. You here that a lot. Spirit? What is that exactly? Why does it matter? And what does it have to do with your relationships and sexual expression? God says, “A TON!” That’s because your “spirit” is the non-physical you—the person(versus the body) that God himself created. It’s the part of that thinks about things, feels a certain way about certain people, longs for fulfillment,and wants stuff to happen. But better light and stronger glasses will not allow you to see any man’s “spirit” better. Here’s why you need to listen carefully to men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck in Part IV of the sex series: the SPIRIT dimension is the MOST POWERFUL dimension of sex, intimacy, and relationships period. The tragedy is that few men will ever tap into it. The victory is letting Jesus help you become a man who’s “spirit” both draws, blesses, and touches others non-physically and physically.

Part of The Sex Series 4 part series by Kenny Luck

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