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Kenny Luck has compiled some of the very best teachings that will strengthen your life. Open your heart to God, and open your life to other men in your small group. Then watch God do something great in your life.

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Pastor Chris Hodges

  • Topic
  • Relationship
    Check Up
    Better Together
    Life is better when shared with others! This summer series focuses on relationships, love, and authentic community.
  • My Culture
    and My Faith
    Backs to the Wall
    When a man has his “back against the wall” it means that he has limited options and will be forced to react. Time is up. +more/-less
  • Influence
    and Impact
    Making Your Mark
    Every man leaves a mark on earth. What kind of mark we leave depends on our beliefs about our purpose and our behaviors that reflect +more/-less
  • Your Closeness
    with God
    Face Time
    IF a relationship is REAL there is no substitute for FACE TIME with the other person. It makes visible the REALITY of the +more/-less
  • God's Purpose
    in Pain
    The Pain and The "But"
    The Pain and the "But" Every man experiences pain in one former another. But few men redeem it and use it for higher purposes. +more/-less
  • Living With
    Crazy Stupid Good
    "Crazy. Stupid, Good" It’s just not seen normal. Some guys know something others don’t. That’s why their face says peace when +more/-less
  • Sex, Culture,
    & You
    The Sex Series
    Sex. Say no more. It is the wallpaper of our lives—at every level. Men, women, children, married, single, single again must +more/-less

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