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Men I want to challenge you to strengthen your relationships by becoming the men, husbands and fathers that God designed you to be.

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Pastor David Carothers

  • Topic
  • Sex/Lust
    Fantasy Island
    Fantasy. Diversions. Escapism. Vicarious experiences. Men engaged in fantasy football leagues may be a rather benign +more/-less
  • Marriage
    Be Her Hero How Not To Suck As A Husband
    Let's get honest--most men need as much help as they can get to make their marriage better. This series will provide that needed +more/-less
  • Family
    The Mantle
    "The Mantle" Something that covers or surrounds something else. When it comes to your family God says that you have the mantle of +more/-less
  • Fatherhood
    The Father Factor
    Every man is on a powerful quest for validation. It is in us and never leaves us. We want to know that someone outside of +more/-less
  • Temptation
    Slaying The Dragon
    "Slaying the Dragon" Let’s face it: repeated failure depresses men. The same obstacle. The same result, no breakthrough or change +more/-less
  • Purpose/
    Sink Or Swim
    As a "leader" your "ship" is carrying precious cargo—people. Some people board your ship for small spans of time but others +more/-less

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