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Men of Manna Church -- Thanks to Every Man Ministries, we have compiled some of the very best teachings available in order to strengthen your life. Open your heart to God, and open your life to other men by joining a small group. God is going to do amazing things both in and through your life - let's do this!

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Pastor Michael Fletcher

  • Topic
  • Sex/Lust
    Sex: Which Side Of The Bed Are You On?
    Man was made by God to be human along with all the stuff that goes with being human - the urges, the desires, the passions. +more/-less
    Fantasy Island
    Fantasy. Diversions. Escapism. Vicarious experiences. Men engaged in fantasy football leagues may be a rather benign +more/-less
  • Marriage
    Married with Kids
    Whoever said that “marriage and family” was easy was either single or a liar. No way around it, family life is tough … but, extremely +more/-less
    Be Her Hero How Not To Suck As A Husband
    Let's get honest--most men need as much help as they can get to make their marriage better. This series will provide that needed +more/-less
  • Family
    The Mantle
    "The Mantle" Something that covers or surrounds something else. When it comes to your family God says that you have the mantle of +more/-less
  • Fatherhood
    The Father Factor
    Every man is on a powerful quest for validation. It is in us and never leaves us. We want to know that someone outside of +more/-less
  • Temptation
    Slaying The Dragon
    "Slaying the Dragon" Let’s face it: repeated failure depresses men. The same obstacle. The same result, no breakthrough or change +more/-less
  • Purpose/
    How to Get Promoted
    Want to get ahead in life? Who better to ask for advice than those who are already there? Based on the groundbreaking book by +more/-less
    Sink Or Swim
    As a "leader" your "ship" is carrying precious cargo—people. Some people board your ship for small spans of time but others +more/-less
  • Faith
    The Kingdom
    It's a story of violence and peace; of intrigue and romance; of revolution and redemption. It's a story as ancient as time itself +more/-less

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