About Sleeping Giant Core

Our team has developed a year of strategy, content and coaching designed to move your men from the crowd into core leadership impacting church health for generations to come. This proven one year solution integrates directly with the Sleeping Giant GET IN, GET HEALTHY, GET STRONG, AND GET GOING model. Developed over 12 years of testing inside churches large and small, this intentional pathway and process was selected as the corner stone process for the church to church men’s movement. Using this powerful strategy will help you plan out, launch, sustain, and continuously renew your men’s community and create a leadership engine for your pastor.

What You Get

  • A powerful crowd to core strategy and process for men that supports the pastor
  • 1 “GET IN” simulcast events that start moving your men from the crowd to the core
  • 40 weeks of high definition video selected from our media vault for use in mid-size meetings that follow events which maintain momentum, provide landing zones for new men, and create venues to cast vision for advanced leadership development
  • An integrated leadership pathway that develops a healthy man and a healthy leader fully supported with training and curriculum
  • Sleeping Giant DVD Leader Kit
  • Get Healthy DVD Leader Kits for Family, Intimacy, Temptation and Friendship for advanced leader training
  • Get Strong DVD Leader Kits for Risk, Dream, Fight and Soar for advanced leader training
  • Option to select from our extensive media vault or use Kenny’s live weekly video message that is culturally relevant and biblically strong
  • A Sleeping Giant Coach skilled in the process and pathway
  • High Definition (720p) video sessions to share in large and small group settings via download or streaming
  • Enhanced Listing in the Sleeping Giant Directory with link to your website
  • 15% discount on the purchase of Workbook Resources only from the EMM store

What You Expect

  • Continuous coaching will provide confidence in implementation and execution of the strategy for the leader and the pastor
  • GET IN events are super high quality visually, authentic, fun, engaging and evangelistic
  • Weekly video sessions will sustain your ability to gather new men and create consistency of culture without having to worry about the quality or quantity of content for the mid-size meeting
  • An ability and flexibility to tailor annual programs to meet the needs and size of your church
  • Increasing numbers of men more willing to engage discipleship, ministry and mission
  • A model that doesn’t replace ongoing ministry but provides a context for it
  • A model that doesn’t require a church to alter its DNA or structure
  • A leadership engine for the vision God has given the pastor
  • An opportunity to have fun watching lives change, families transform, and justice delivered in new and meaningful ways
  • Networking of men to your church via the Sleeping Giant directory
What You Get