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Temptation: Standing Strong Against Temptation is a men's Bible study of the Book of James that will equip you to think clearly and choose wisely when dealing with temptation. It will help you confront this pervasive problem in God's wisdom and strength, so you can begin to live an undivided life. Some men have learned the secret of being undivided between what they believe and how they actually think and live. They possess integrity. They've gained new perspectives on the trials and temptations they face, new tools to help them overcome automatic human responses to challenging situations, and new actions that produce humility and flexibility in God's strength. This study is designed to help your group become men of such integrity.

What You Get

  • DVD Leader Kit
  • $19.95
  • Workbook
  • $8.95
  • Bundle
  • 1 DVD Leader Kit
    10 Temptation Workbooks
  • $90.00

  • Kit includes a DVD with 8 group sessions and a workbook with leader guide.
  • Discussion based
  • Video driven

What To Expect

  • Helps defeat the power of temptation by confronting with the Word of God
  • Encourages men to find accountability with each other
  • Counters the effects of isolation in the lives of men

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