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Backs to the Wall, Session 3 - Choosing Your Morality

By Kenny Luck - 11/7/2013

A cultural compression of values and beliefs requires a strong identity, a strong source of authorit...

4 Part Series

Backs to the Wall 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 11/6/2013

When a man has his “back against the wall” it means that he has limited options and will...

The Sex Series Session 1

By Kenny Luck - 11/14/2012

Man is a sexual being but simply acting sexual does not necessarily make you a man. So what are men ...

I Hate It But I Love It Part 4

By Kenny Luck - 10/16/2012

Life is a battle of the mind, the will,and the flesh. It all boils down to moments in time where a s...

I Hate It But I Love It Part 3

By Kenny Luck - 10/16/2012

Small lies swallowed. Small permissions given. Small compromises rationalized. We all do it and we a...

I Hate It But I Love It Part 2

By Kenny Luck - 10/16/2012

Real masculinity is seen in the small,often invisible, spaces of life. Cooperating with your conscie...

I Hate It But I Love It Part 1

By Kenny Luck - 10/15/2012

To become strong involves sacrifice. All men need to be reminded of that powerful FACT. It’s i...

Showing 0-7 of 7 results



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Challenge yourself with these video sermons. Kenny Luck's online video sermons are aimed to help men tackle the issues they face every day, whether it's with your marriage, your family, your job, or yourself.

Ask the hard questions and search for the video sermon you're looking for, or filter by price, media, study plan, spiritual pathway, series, or author. Study individually, with a small group, or with the entire church. Browse the study plans and free clips, create a personal study plan, or follow one of the many successful plans Kenny Luck has created.

The sermons are specifically for men and the issues that come up in the everyday battle that men fight. These video sermons are full of information about how to challenge your self and tackle the toughest issues that men face today like fatherhood, marriage, and sex. Learn how to live intelligently, revitalize your marriage, and lead those who need you. See how God can reveal Himself to you in everyday situations, and learn to accept His calling for you.

The audio and video sermons are organized by topic. Faith, family, fantasy, fatherhood, leadership, marriage, porn, relationships, and sex are all the biggest topics that men have tough questions about. Ask those questions, and find real answers. Many videos are part of a larger series that really delves into the issues at hand, and will provide men with as many resources as possible to solve any issues, answer any questions, and strengthen all their relationships.