Aggressive Spirit 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 8/1/2012

“Aggressive Spirit" When we say that a man is aggressive it can be either bad or good. When there are clearly defined borders to our energies and a worthy goal, at some point, it’s good to let it all out. But what about being aggressive in our faith? What would that look like? It’s time to let it all out.

Aggressive Spirit Session 1

By Kenny Luck - 8/1/2012

THINK AGGRESSIVE. What comes to mind? In sports it's good if you are attacking the basket, goal, or net. With women it's bad if you are forcing yourself upon a member of the opposite sex. Aggressive can mean angry, narcissistic, and self-serving OR dynamic, intentional, and passionate. Every man has energy but not every man expresses that in the right ways. In AGGRESSIVE SPIRIT men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck reveals the POSITIVE side and POWER of spiritual aggression. Watch this session and start moving God's purposes aggressively forward in and through your life.

Aggressive Spirit Session 2

By Kenny Luck - 8/1/2012

WIN A MAN's IDENTITY and you win his energy and expression. In Part II men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck reveals how the core convictions connected to your core identity define and shape that expression. But what are those convictions we are supposed to hold EXACTLY? And what does the EXPRESSION of those convictions look like in real time? Watch this session and learn how simple convictions aggressively lived out eliminate doubt and distractions as well provide clarity and confidence as a man. It's time for aggressive convictions.

Aggressive Spirit Session 3

By Kenny Luck - 8/1/2012

RELIGIOUS ACTORS possess strong convictions but their CHARACTER fails to deliver them properly in real life. We call these types of men HYPOCRITES. They say the right things and project the right image but something doesn’t feel right. That's because strong convictions require integrity of character in order to be credible. In Part III men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck answers the pressing question: How can a man CLEAN UP HIS CHARACTER so he can activate the power of his convictions. Watch this session and discover how to keep the power of your convictions from being short-circuited by darknesses of character. It's time for aggressive confession.

Aggressive Spirit Session 4

By Kenny Luck - 8/1/2012

READY…AIM…FIRE! With solid convictions in place and a clean character holding those solid convictions there is only one option left for God's man: GO! From a position of clear purpose and personal integrity, God's plan is to move a man toward his personal MISSION. Every man ever born desires to be someone great and do something great but for many that DREAM died long ago. GOOD NEWS: God doesn't want Batman or Superman, HE WANTS YOU. In Part IV men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck walks through the process of discovering your mission on earth that ONLY YOU CAN FULFILL. Very few men get to this place because it requires great FAITH AND COURAGE but those who bravely embrace God's process realize that deep longing to become great and do great things GOD"S WAY. Watch this session and GET READY to be used by God. It's time for agressive contribution.



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