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Be Her Hero: How Not To Suck As A Husband 4 Part Series : Be her hero: how not to suck as a husband Part 2

Anyone can fall in love! All it takes is a pulse to fall in love… but to thrive in marriage, a plan is needed. Thriving in marriage is the goal… not survival. No one goes into marriage thinking, “If I can just gut this marriage out a few years (survive) I can walk away with minimal child support and the couch.” Developing a plan to help your wife “win” in the battles of life is the main objective. In order to do this, you've got to develop some skills as a husband and Doug shares two more (of seven actions) that will help you breath life into your wife with words that empower, inspire and build up. She’s dying for her husband’s affirmation! When the need of love, communication and emotional intimacy goes unmet, the results are many:withdrawal, low level resentment, bitterness, lack of sexual interest, and ultimately she’ll look elsewhere to get those needs met. In addition to words,Doug challenges men to learn her “love language” and pour it on. And while their busy doing that… listen, listen, listen! Listening is the language of love and Doug provides very practical ways to become a better listener and focus on her real needs. Again, guys will be laughing so much they won’t pay attention to how difficult it is to change. Difficult, but totally possible.


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