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Be Her Hero: How Not To Suck As A Husband 4 Part Series : Be her hero: how not to suck as a husband Part 3

Even the best marriages struggle! But, when a marriage is built on a biblical foundation that recognizes that marriage is God’s idea, marriage is God’s plan,and being “one” is God’s goal for marriage… men will be more willing to fight…work… strive… to make their marriage thrive. This concept of “oneness” can become a game-changer when a man realizes that wounding his spouse actually wounds himself. The opposite is also true—enhancing a spouse’s heart… enhances oneself too. Doug continues this series with his entertaining style and helping men understand that women actually prefer “small”… small acts of kindness add up to a big deal to wives. It’s the “little things” that led to big problems and it’s the little things that lead to big change. Doug shares a list of small actions that are a big deal to women (you might be surprised). One of those small areas he mentions is “non-sexual touch”… (not a guy’s favorite topic).But, when they master the art of touch, (“affection without intention”) they’ll watch their wife come alive—her body needs it and so does her heart. The learning, the laughter and the inspiration continues in this life-changing series.


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