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Bringing Out the Best 3 Part Series : Bringing Out The Best Part 1

Unless you live in a cave you are coming in contact with people. Wives, kids, co-workers, friends, neighbors, girlfriends, men, women, and standing in line for your coffee. It doesn't matter whether you have lots of contact or limited amounts of interaction with others, the question is: what happens to others after they come in contact with YOU? The issue is NOT: Am I influencing others? The issue IS: What kind of influence am I having? Do people feel valued or marginalized? Encouraged or discouraged? Better or bitter? Noticed or neglected? Closer to God or more distanced from Him? If you are God's man you have a responsibility to influence others and bring out the best in them. Watch this series and learn how to expand your spiritual impact in the lives of people around you. Men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck maps out how to create a positive blast zone of influence.


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