Comeback Story 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 1/10/2017

Think “Rocky.”  Think “Gladiator.”  Think “Unbroken.”  Think “Cinderella Man.” When we see a man get knocked down we want to see him get back up, stand to his feet, and prevail against all odds.  Why do we love comeback stories so much?  It’s because, at some level, we all want to prevail over the forces that are forcing us down.  We pull for the these guys because we are pulling for ourselves to make it.  The common denominator is adversity.  God doesn’t excuse us from adversity but He can and will transform us through it and then use our comeback story to give hope to others. In this four part series men’s expert and pastor Kenny explores the God’s purpose in adversity and the process of coming back stronger to his glory.




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