Crazy Stupid Good 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

“Crazy. Stupid, Good” It’s just not seen normal. Some guys know something others don’t. That’s why their face says peace when it should reflect panic. They ooze confidence when the walls of life are collapsing. They are unfazed

Crazy Stupid Good Session 1

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

Strong spiritual leaders find a way to "rise above." When other men are going south in every way these men seem to gravitate north spiritually and emotionally. They possess deep reserves of perspective, insight, and spiritual discipline that keep them calm, content, and confident in the midst of chaos. All with a smile. Seems crazy. Sounds stupid. But these God's men are all good. In this session, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck invites you into a realm of spiritual leadership that few men know but all men want.

Crazy Stupid Good Session 2

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

In Part II men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck dives deeper into how God's man is empowered spiritually by a right view of God to rise above his circumstances. A life in God and for God will never outperform your view OF God. A man's real view of God is revelaed when the pressure is on. Before that time it's all words. Watch this session and keep learning from the original "Saul Good" how a man who reveals, reframes, and releases his challenges to God transcends them.

Crazy Stupid Good Session 3

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

In Part III men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck builds on the theme that a man can be controlled by what is happening TO HIM or be controlled by what is going on IN HIM. Why does one man descend while the other transcends. This big leap relates to the three big questions of life. What's my source of meaning? What relationship forms and drives me as a man? What is the object of my hope? Watch this session, discover your answers, and make some new decisions that sound crazy, seem stupid, but are all good.

Crazy Stupid Good Session 4

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

In Part IV men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck punctuates this powerful series by reminding all men that NO man likes to be controlled by his ciurcumstances but every man will be hit by circumstances that are beyond his control. Every God's man wants the capacity to transcend his fears and respond in faith. For that to happen he must build a solid, internal engine of transcendence that lead to strong expressions of transcendence. Watch this final session and learn what it means to be spiritually unstoppable.



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