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Digging Deep Session 1

While visiting the largest gold mine in the world, Pastor Kenny Luck reflected, “The depth men are willing to go, is determined by the value of what is deposited beneath the surface of the opportunity.” In this first of a six-part series, men's expert and pastor Kenny shares that whenever something is precious, you dig deep. So, what is the most precious commodity a man could ever possess? Working from Colossians 3:16, watch this and learn how to mine God’s word, extract the gold, then teach others in your life the precious truths from the Bible.

6 Part Series

Digging Deep 6 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

"Digging Deep" When men know there is gold below the surface, they will go to great lengths to mine it. Only a fool would knowingly let something so valuable just remain in the ground. Stop playing around the surface and discover the wealth below. It is time to dig deeper.


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