Fantasy Island 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 6/27/2012

Fantasy. Diversions. Escapism. Vicarious experiences. Men engaged in fantasy football leagues may be a rather benign activity, but when it comes to males creating imaginary sexual relationships, the results are devastating. What’s behind the epidemic of fantasy among men?

Fantasy Island Session #1

By Kenny Luck - 6/27/2012

Fantasy ranges from innocent to indecent. From Disney dreams to dark diversions, it is the wallpaper of popular culture offering every man an alternative relief or escape from reality. Why is fantasy so powerful? Why is it so destructive on so many levels? Most importantly, what does fantasy reveal about a man's relationship to reality? Watch this eye opening session with men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck and learn why fantasy is an island.

Fantasy Island Session #2

By Kenny Luck - 6/27/2012

In this second part of Fantasy Island, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck shows us that the real issue of fantasy does not exist at the level at which we see the behaviors. It is rooted in deeper emotional issues and conflicts within a man. Kenny dives into the man-specific emotional causes that propel men into fantasy. Watch this session as Kenny begins to unravel the elusive and all important "whys" behind the powerful desire to create and engage unrealities and the unseen spiritual battle being played out.

Fantasy Island Session #3

By Kenny Luck - 6/27/2012

In this third session, men's expert and Pastor Kenny Luck moves the discussion to the most sensitive and powerful area of a man's life as it relates to fantasy--his RELATIONSHIPS. How does a lifestyle that includes fantasy impact our relationships with people? How does escaping into alternative realities (small or big) impact our relationship with God? Most men think fantasy is benign and harmless. The research and responses of those around say otherwise. Watch this session, hear powerful personal testimony, and learn the relationally destructive consequences of engaging in unhealthy fantasy. But don't stop there. In the wrap up Kenny reveals the ONE solution that paves the way to healing your relationships harmed by fantasy.

Fantasy Island Session #4

By Kenny Luck - 6/27/2012

When life fails to meet a man's expectations he is vulnerable at every level to fantasy. The intellectual, emotional, and relational battles intensify as he seeks relief, help, comfort, and control. His mind starts to wander. Enter FANTASY, a voluptuous promise, and no messy hangovers. Seems harmless right? WRONG amigo. You are getting pimped mentally and spiritually. In Part IV of Fantasy Isalnd men's expert and Pastor Kenny Luck takes you on a journey into the mental and spiritual realities connected to fantasy. Specifically, the neuroscience and escalating demands fantasy imposes on its users, the behaviors that are produced, and the spiritual pathway back to health and freedom. Watch this session and start turning the tide back to reality and personal health mentally and spiritually.



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