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Fear to Faith - Session 1

A man, a woman, a beautiful setting, and no in laws, kids, or clothes to get in the way.  Perfect right?  Enter the voice of fear and start flushing paradise down the toilet.  Join men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck as he explores the inception and entry of fear into our existence, how the playbook of evil has not changed, and simple ways you can fight the lies of fear and feed the fight of faith.

4 Part Series

Fear to Faith 4 Part Series

By Kenny Luck - 11/14/2013

There is something inside of us that doesn’t like having limits placed upon us. We fear that that we might “miss out,” lose control, or give up our rights if we willingly allow someone or something else control our choices.   That’s why, literally, from the beginning man and God have had issues and still do.  The biggest issue being:  can I trust Him?  In this four part series, men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck carefully explores this inner war all men experience with the goal of helping all men learn to trust God more and trust their fears (over trusting him) less.


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