Holy Shift! 7 Part Series

8 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 5/1/2014

Change is ground zero in the spiritual life.  The moment we decide to commit energy for the purpose of changing or exchanging our ways for God’s ways we are making what pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck calls a HOLY SHIFT.   While life in God demands change in God, the consequence of making these shifts in being, believing, or behaving have a massive payoff – God’s blessing.  If you are ready to make a major advance, stop a major problem, go to a new level, or experience success in your life with God and people then buckle up!  Walk with Pastor Kenny through the eight most critical areas of masculine transformation God desires.  You won’t shift your pants but you will radically transform your life.

Spiritual Shift, Session 1 of the Holy Shift Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/1/2014

Outward change doesn’t last unless inner change is driving it.  That’s why the first HOLY SHIFT every man needs to make is in his relationship to God.  Specifically, that means we seek to refresh our vision of God to go to our next destination in God.  Join pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck in this session and learn what consistent spiritual transformation looks like and how to experience it in your own life.

Physical Shift, Session 2 of the Holy Shift Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/8/2014

Spiritual change involves saying “no” to self and saying “yes” to God.  But most men feel like saying yes to spiritual changes mutually excludes making physical or health changes as if they were separate and unconnected.    Pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck powerfully confronts that myth by exposing how our physical well-being and health are directly connected to the health of our personal choices and life in God.

Mental Shift, Session 3 of the Holy Shift Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/8/2014

Letting go of the old to win the new always begins with a thought.  New behaviors in any area of our lives always reflect new beliefs about those areas.  We exchange the stale and stagnant perspectives that leave us the same for newer ones that get us better results.  Join pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck as he explores why, in the battle for change, your mind is going to make the difference and then gives powerful tools to make sure you win the war between the ears. 

Emotional Shift, Session 4 of the Holy Shift Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/8/2014

Let’s face it:  we are not good at facing or expressing our feelings.  Just ask the women connected to us! We hide and mask anger, internalize pressure, deny being hurt, and withdraw in the face of hard truths about ourselves.  Our inability at the emotional level creates problems and distance in the relationships we treasure most. As men, fathers, husbands, and believers our relationships call for and require emotional health.  And when we are emotionally healthy the people connected to us suffer less and develop better. Join pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck as he untangles masculine emotions and puts you God’s path toward newer, more productive ways of dealing with feelings as a man.

Emotional Shift 2, Session 5 of the Holy Shift Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/8/2014

This topic requires two sessions because men are pros at “strapping on the armor” emotionally and hiding their emotional wounds that desperately need healing. In this session men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck addresses the “wounded warrior complex” in men.   These masculine wounds are not physical but emotional and difficult to put your finger on as a man but for most men they are powerful shapers of their lives.   God is calling all men out of bondage to these powerful negative forces and into healing, freedom, and power through Him.

Relational Shift, Session 6 from the Holy Shift Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/8/2014

A recent men’s health study revealed that nine out of ten men over thirty report they DO NOT have someone they would term a close friend or a person who knows them at a deep versus superficial level.  But for these same men the margin of victory in many areas is having one other man in their lives who does know them at a deep level.  That’s why all men must overcome the fear of being known and embrace aggressive friendships and accountability.  Join men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck as he explains how every man needs a space invader to become the person God created him to be.

Financial Shift, Session 7 of the Holy Shift Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/8/2014

When you look at the amount of physical, emotional, and mental energy men devote to the earning, accumulating, and spending of money it is mind boggling how little the topic is discussed on a spiritual level.  But God has lot to say and he knows a thing or two about the power of money to destroy men, or worse, become their idol. The idea that a man’s relationship to his money is a private issue is a myth when God, the source, is involved.  Join pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck in this simple and powerful discussion of money and man’s purpose

Professional Shift, Session 8 of the Holy Shift Series

By Kenny Luck - 5/8/2014

The marketplace is a man’s place for the majority of his day.  The pants, shoes, and shirt go on, the door closes, and then 8-16 hours later we walk back through the door to eat, disrobe, relax, relate, and re-rack to do it again! How men are trained to look at work and evaluate success is very different than the way God wants us to perceive and engage “what we do.”  Join pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck for this powerful look at God’s mind on the man in the marketplace. 



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