I Hate It But I Love It 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 10/12/2012

To achieve ANYTHING worthwhile and meaningful requires sacrifice, discomfort, and pain. This is the universal law of all types of health. Small obediences over time eventually add up to HUGE ADVANCES but men need to be reminded of that powerful FACT.

I Hate It But I Love It Part 1

By Kenny Luck - 10/15/2012

To become strong involves sacrifice. All men need to be reminded of that powerful FACT. It’s in the small spaces of life where discipline or disobedience make or break us. Men who understand this DYNAMIC of personal, physical, and spiritual advance go far in life and with God. Men who succumb to feelings or pressure in the moment often underestimate the consequences. Sound familiar? To be God’s man is to possess a LOVE-HATE relationship with our disciplines that get us where we know we need to be. Honest men know this is what separates the men from the boys. Join men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck for this four part series on the key to advancing in every area of your life.

I Hate It But I Love It Part 2

By Kenny Luck - 10/16/2012

Real masculinity is seen in the small,often invisible, spaces of life. Cooperating with your conscience and connecting with the right convictions internally is half the battle. The problem is that all men are born with a conscience but not all possess the right convictions that encourage going in the direction of God and conscience. Strong convictions are like guardrails in our lives that keep us from giving ourselves permission to compromise, quit, or cave into pressure. In Part II men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck shares how knowing God MORE in four specific ways helps us partner with convictions and conscience over convenience in the moment.

I Hate It But I Love It Part 3

By Kenny Luck - 10/16/2012

Small lies swallowed. Small permissions given. Small compromises rationalized. We all do it and we all excuse it but that doesn't make it right. More importantly, our self-serving logic doesn't pass muster with God. If only we could arrest unhealthy impulses earlier! In Part III men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck talks about how to deal with rogue thoughts that lead to bad decisions. His advice? Stop thinking and start fighting spiritually. GET God’s mind and SPEAK God’s mind directly into the challenges you face.

I Hate It But I Love It Part 4

By Kenny Luck - 10/16/2012

Life is a battle of the mind, the will,and the flesh. It all boils down to moments in time where a small obedience can have a dramatic positive consequence. When you are able to defeat the pressure and prevail as a man of God, what are the benefits? It’s the hope of reward in the future that drives us to compete and persevere in the present. In Part IV men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck defines the three things every man wins when he disciplines himself toward what God declares to be significant.



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