Making Your Mark

6 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 11/6/2013

Every man leaves a mark on earth.  What kind of mark we leave depends on our beliefs about our purpose and our behaviors that reflect those beliefs.  In this powerful six part series for men you can STOP wondering and START making your personal mark on earth with assurance and confidence that it will be a positive one for God and others.  In this series author and Pastor Buddy Owens along with men’s expert and author Kenny Luck take you on a six week journey of intentional masculinity that will infuse every remaining day of your life with meaning and powerful purpose. 

Making Your Mark Session 1

By Buddy Owens - 7/2/2013

Are you a product of random chance or are you intentionally put on earth at this specific time in history and placed strategically in the location, relationships, workplace, and specific network of social connections for a specific purpose?  Your answer to this question will determine how you approach everything and everyone in your life.  More importantly, does it really matter?  This is “the” question every man wants an answer to so put his energies into those things which really count.

Making Your Mark Session 2

By Kenny Luck - 11/5/2013

Men become what they focus most of their time and energy on.  So what are you passionate about?  When you all about what you have you become a materialist.  If the next physical sensation or sexual thrill is your main goal in life you become a hedonist.  If it’s about your image, status, and self importance you become a narcissist.  If we worship God what then?  How does that work?  What does it look like?

Making Your Mark Session 3

By Kenny Luck - 11/5/2013

Most men have a social network and professional acquaintances.  But few men have relationships with other men that are strong enough to transform or influence our lives on a daily basis.  That kind of powerful teamwork and connection seems to be reserved sports teams or military troops where there is a major objective and you have to work together.  Not so fast.  Your friendships can go to the next level and take you to the next level in every area of your life when you understand the power of fellowship.

Making Your Mark Session 4

By Kenny Luck - 11/5/2013

The real measure of a man is not when he everything is going like you want, when you want it, and how you want it.  It’s when the exact opposite is happening.  Pressure, temptations, and trials are never sought out, they just show up or roll-over us at the least convenient times.  So much of our energy spent trying to avoid problems and protect ourselves against pain.  But could it be that the very pains we try so hard to avoid be the catalysts for the exact changes and personal growth we would need?

Making Your Mark Session 5

By Buddy Owens - 11/5/2013

The most critical ingredient involved in making your mark as a man involves saying “NO” to yourself and saying “YES” to serving and helping others.  Life affords us opportunities to do this on a daily basis in our families, at work, and in our communities.  If only more men were focused this way.  Will you be one of those men who makes a mark by serving others and fulfill your purpose on earth?

Making Your Mark Session 6

By Kenny Luck - 11/5/2013

Every man has a mission on earth but not every man discovers the one he was created to fulfill.   There are people on planet earth right now that ONLY YOU can reach and are supposed to reach.  In fact, there is an expectation on God’s part that you have the duty and responsibility to change their life forever.   There is no greater purpose than that and yet many men miss out on the thrill of introducing others personally to God.  Discover the ultimate purpose of all your relationships in the powerful last session and MAKE YOUR MARK.



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