One Life 5 Part Series

5 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 7/31/2012

“One Life" Why does it take either trauma or regret to motivate a man to make changes he needed to make years before? Come hundreds of other seeking to make the most of their ONE LIFE right now. Hundreds of other men Say: come join the movement of men who deciding to change NOW.

One Life Session 1

By Kenny Luck - 7/31/2012

"YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE." Ever said that or had someone say it to you? It's usually intended to convince ourselves or another person to take a risk or seize the moment in some "out of the box" way. No man wants to live a DULL LIFE but not every man knows how to live a MEANINGFUL LIFE. The sad fact is that many men run out of time before they run out of money. THINK cancer diagnosis. In ONE LIFE men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck powerfully catalyzes men to RETHINK how they are living NOW in order to limit regret LATER. Watch this session and start living your LIFE DIFFERENTLY right now.

One Life Session 2

By Kenny Luck - 7/31/2012

Life offers us limited time and an unknown ending. That's why God encourages every man to "number his days" and not take them for granted. Maintaining that foucs is difficult especially when others cause you distress and you feel like the only man alive that has problems like yours. Your vision narrows, your perspective shrinks, you become cynical as well very vulnerable to unhealthy attitudes and actions. In Part II men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck reminds all good men and all God''s men to remember four life-saving truths in the midst of the battle. Watch this session, stop believing your feelings, and start believing God.

One Life Session 3

By Kenny Luck - 7/31/2012

When a man knows time is short he adjusts his priorities. Add COMING ACCOUNTABILITY and it accelerates his responsibility even more. Now the stakes are higher. Knowing there is going to be a moment of personal report, a moment of inspection, and a moment of examination sharpens our focus even further. In Part III men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck reminds men that when TIMES UP on earth there will be an accounting. This reality should speed up personal changes you know you need to make connected to loving God and loving people better while on earth. Watch this sesssion and begin adjusting your life now in light of a certain coming reality later.

One Life Session 4

By Kenny Luck - 7/31/2012

We call it an A-HAH MOMENT. Life comes into focus when a man understands he has limtied time, an unknown ending, and eternal accounatability. We say to ourselves, "IT'S ON!" We activate and start disciplining ourselves spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and morally. In Part IV men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck reminds all men that a new, healthy, and needed TENSION is necessary as God's man in order to find the meaning and significance we seek. New levels of self control are needed. New levels of maturity too. These require new levels of FAITH and COURAGE to embrace the process. Watch this session now and find BOTH!

One Life Session 5

By Kenny Luck - 7/31/2012

A MAN FULLY ALIVE is living each day meaningfully and intentionally, alert to the fact he has limited time, unknown ending, and eternal accountability. GET THAT and you GET SMART. In Part V of ONE LIFE men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck outlines the importance of not pursuing this life ALONE. Men become men in the company of other men for better or for worse. Watch this session and ACCELERATE your journey toward spiritual strength, commitment, and consistency through friendship with another God's man.



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