Say No to Say Yes 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 6/25/2012

Say "No" 2 Say "Yes" The spiritual war for your energy and expression is on. Between existing demands, competing priorities, and new opportunities successful men learn to distinguish the difference between the vital few and the important many.

Say No to Say Yes Part 1

By Kenny Luck - 6/25/2012

Having goals is one thing. The ability to focus your energy and attention in order to realize them is the battle. Competing voices, needs, and priorities as well as new demands, information, events, and people interrupting has millions of men spinning their wheels. The bad news is that the war for your energies is not going to stop and neither is the battle to get where you need to be. The GOOD NEWS is that there is a way for leaders to get clarity of priority, confidence of pursuit, and consistency of progress. Join men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck to learn how to SAY "NO" to SAY "YES." Watch this session and learn the first key to effective life management. START REACHING YOUR GOALS and STOP wishing and hoping.

Say No to Say Yes Part 2

By Kenny Luck - 6/25/2012

Learning the difference between the "vital few" priorities in your life versus the "important many" is the first step to effective leadership and production professionally, personally,and spiritually. In Part II men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck now helps you to pick four simple priorities to focus on which will guide the rest of your spiritual, relational, and professional life. At the risk of oversimplifying, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck narrows life down to the "vital few" and timeless focuses talked about in the Bible in order to build out a successful life for God and people. As a BONUS he then gives you three keys to staying on track with these priorities.

Say No to Say Yes Part 3

By Kenny Luck - 6/25/2012

Every man has advisors. Bosses, dads, friends, and experts all help us direct our energy and guide our efforts. "Outside counsel" is helpful, especially when you are trying to narrow your focus in order to be successful. In Part III men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck runs the "vital few" priorities outlined in Part II by a man currently advising and helping 2.1 billion people on planet earth right now. Watch this session and see what Christ himself has to say about the TOP FOUR priorities you need to say "Yes" to which lead to success in all other areas of leadership and life. Then decide which priority needs your attention RIGHT NOW.

Say No to Say Yes Part 4

By Kenny Luck - 6/25/2012

In order to please the ONE, God's man must dissappoint the many. It's one thing to see leadership principles and identify priorities. It's nother thing to put them into PRACTICE. In this rubber-meets-the-road you will discover the secret to getting TRACTION in living out the eternal, amputating the obstacle, reproducing the relational, and cleansing the internal of toxic character. Watch this session and allow men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck secure a lifestyle of strong NO's in your life that create space and energy for strong Yes's that deliver you to your destination as a man..



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