Slaying the Dragon 5 Part Series

5 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

"Slaying the Dragon" Let’s face it: repeated failure depresses men. The same obstacle. The same result, no breakthrough or change in my situation. On a consistent basis this gets frustrating and our thinking becomes self defeating. How do you slay the seemingly un-slayable dragon?

Slaying the Dragon Part 1

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

Men are on a quest, and must face dragons that stand in the way of the path. The question becomes, what is your destination, and what dragons do you need to slay? In this series, Men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck clarifies God’s destination for your quest, helps identify the dragons that stand in your way, and then shares what we can learn from a famous dragon slayer. Watch this and gain the motivation to win the ultimate prize.

Slaying the Dragon Part 2

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

In this second part of the “Slaying the Dragons” series, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck examines the next destination and dragon every man must confront. Watch this to learn the role faith in your quest, and how to beat the fears that threaten to sabotage your progress. Learning from the experience of Moses, on the brink of moving into the Promised Land, Pastor Kenny gives the do’s and don’ts for moving forward as God’s man.

Slaying the Dragon Part 3

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

The quest for God’s destination, and purpose, in your life has dragons standing in the way. To slay the dragons, it will require personal breakthroughs from being stuck in a rut. For many men, the answer is to muscle through the tough times with will power (desire and discipline). But that so often fails us. In part three of this series, pastor Kenny Luck outlines specific strategies for change, asking the question, “What do men do when desire and discipline are not enough?”

Slaying the Dragon Part 4

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

Reaching God’s destination for you is not a sprint. It’s a marathon that requires focus on building healthy relationships. To do that, you have to avoid the dragon of distraction, diversion and, the badge of honor, in our culture-- busyness. In part four in the Slaying the Dragon series, Pastor Kenny Luck teaches what the Bible says about relationships and how to enhance them, knowing the enemy is at war against them. Watch this and begin to decelerate to appreciate God and others.

Slaying the Dragon Part 5

By Kenny Luck - 6/15/2012

Getting a win. All men like the sound of that. Not all men are getting one in critical relationships and areas of character and it is preventing them from going to a next level with God or with people. That's what this series is all about--getting you a win and finishing strong. Men are notoriously strong starters and equally famous for being bad finishers. The issue for most of us is a war of distraction between the vital few things that really matter versus the important many. In this final session of the series, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck equips every man the three keys to defeating distraction, not getting pulled off course, and finishing strong.



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