Taking the Offensive 3 Part Series

3 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 9/10/2012

"Taking the Offensive"; God's man does not live accidently or emotionally, he lives intelligently and intentionally. Every day he receives a new mission that demands a new expression of Christ. These missions from God are daily, dynamic, and discerned spiritually.

Taking the Offensive: Session #1

By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

The Bible teaches that God's man approaches life with a different set of glasses. He is proactively participating with it, always searching for the Kingdom of God in every opportunity, person, situation, and event in his life. Every day is a new mission that will demand a new expression of Christ in him and through him. These missions from God are daily, dynamic, and discerned spiritually. He has joined the epic battle of good and evil. He is resolute. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is advancing forcefully and forceful men lay hold of it," (Matthew 11:12). In this three part series, Pastor Kenny Luck speaks boldly about SEEING and SEIZING Kingdom moments in your life as Jesus intends.

Taking the Offensive: Session #2

By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

God's man has strong commission, limited time, an unknown ending, and a scheduled meeting with his Maker. This reality moves him from being passive and reactive to taking the offensive and being proactive with the opportunities life affords. He knows that every day, every person, every opportunity, every trial, and every relationship COUNTS. In Part II Pastor Kenny Luck will show how "Kingdom Goggles" allow us to see and serve God in simple, powerful ways we would otherwise miss.

Taking the Offensive: Session #3

By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

EVERY MAN IS AN EVANGELIST whether he intends to be or not. We talk about, recommend, and connect others to who or what excites us. Some communciate their message indirectly by their lifestyle choices and priorities while others channel the fervor of the best preachers. Men evangelize each other and seek to convert other men over to music artists, sports teams, foods, health strategies, tools, technology, investments opportunities, beliefs, and behaviors of all kinds. We say: "You gotta try this!" Ever said that? If something is important to a man he talks about it. In the third and final session of this series, Pastor Kenny Luck boldly reminds God's man that his identity drives an important priority: sharing the Good News of the presence and availability of life in the Kingdom of God, now and forever, through Jesus.



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