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Taking the Offensive 3 Part Series : Taking the Offensive: Session #3

EVERY MAN IS AN EVANGELIST whether he intends to be or not. We talk about, recommend, and connect others to who or what excites us. Some communciate their message indirectly by their lifestyle choices and priorities while others channel the fervor of the best preachers. Men evangelize each other and seek to convert other men over to music artists, sports teams, foods, health strategies, tools, technology, investments opportunities, beliefs, and behaviors of all kinds. We say: "You gotta try this!" Ever said that? If something is important to a man he talks about it. In the third and final session of this series, Pastor Kenny Luck boldly reminds God's man that his identity drives an important priority: sharing the Good News of the presence and availability of life in the Kingdom of God, now and forever, through Jesus.


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