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The New Normal 14 Part Series : The New Normal Session 10

The BIGGEST OBSTACLE all men need to overcome in order to win a strong relationship with God is pride. The message pride sends to God is that YOU KNOW BETTER than He does. Most men don't feel they are that blatant in their feelings toward God but their actions tell a different story. Subtly and powerfully pride gets in the way of all things spiritual because it produces an UNTEACHABLE spirit in a man. In this session Pastor Kenny Luck shows how God has solved the pride issue by solving the real issue driving pride in men's lives: FEAR. Watch now and get the answers to questions like: What does pride look like in a man's life? What are the consequences for his relationship with God? What's the process of moving from pride and self sufficiency to toward healthy and humble dependency on God? Watch and make humility your new normal.


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