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The New Normal 14 Part Series : The New Normal Session 5

If the presence and availability of LIFE in the Kingdom of God is real, then IT CHANGES EVERYTHING. Specfically, it produces spiritual, emotional, and personal freedom from the power of our dark side. The sponsor and agent of this freedom is accomplished by none the Holy Spirit who resides in every follower of Jesus Christ. In Part V, Pastor Kenny Luck dials in the person, presence, and power of the Holy Spirit who sets men from their bondage to selfishness and sin. It's one thing to know intellectually or theologically that you are free. It's another thing to actually live and think like a free man especially when so much time and energy has been spent living a certain way. The saddest kind of believer is the one who has been set free by Jesus but not able to walk in that freed and experience real life change. Watch this session and FIX THAT God's way.


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