The Pain and the "But" 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

The Pain and the "But" Every man experiences pain in one former another. But few men redeem it and use it for higher purposes. This four part series will help introduce you to the "but" connected to your pain.

The Pain and the "But" Session 1

By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

All men taste the bitterness of life's realities. This is especially hard for men who feel they are doing life right. They are moral. They are religious. They doing their part for humanity. The longer the circumstance goes unchanged the greater the doubt that life holds any meaning or purpose. Hope itself can begin to perish. To make matters worse there is the the tension that goes with praying for these same people and not seeing a result. All is silent and unsettling. What then? In his straightforward and raw way, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck takes on the disillusioning power of PAIN and opens a window for the fresh air of hope and meaning to flow again. Whether you are riding the winds of fortune or struggling in the pits of depression, WATCH this session and see there is the pain and the "but."

The Pain and the "But" Session 2

By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

Pastor Kenny Luck urges men (for once) to pay attention to the BIG "buts" of the Bible. They signal transitions and transformations of thinking that help us connect with a larger, more transcendent purpose in our PAIN. In Part II, this theme is taken to the next level as we look at how two strong men endured prolonged pain, believed versus got bitter, and realized the gain on the other end of their pain. Watch this session and start reminding yourself of God's place in your life in order to begin releasing God's power INTO your circumstances.

The Pain and the "But" Session 3

By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

Every man gets whacked BUT God's presence, promise, and purpose are ALL available in the midst of any pain. This is the "pain" and the "but" process that interrupts our pity parties and infuses our lives meaning and hope as we journey on the roads to personal recovery. In Part III, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck sounds the alarm to warn all men of a sniper camouflaged amidst the people and circumstances of your life. He is watching and waiting to pull the trigger on temptation when the isolating emotions of our trials hit their peak. Watch this session and learn how to defeat the laser guided suggestions to compromise your beliefs in the midst isolating and painful circumstances.

The Pain and the "But" Session 4

By Kenny Luck - 6/16/2012

Your feelings do not reflect reality. But in the midst of painful or difficult times they have the power shape your beliefs and behaviors. Strong men who navigate the storms of life well know this dynamic and take steps to fortify their faith daily for the times when feelings threaten to overwhelm their attitudes and actions. In Part IV we see the unstoppable power of faith and a personal focus on God in the face of tough times. Watch this session and begin, not only to recover, but to CONQUER knowing that the small axels of your troubles turn the BIG wheels of God's glory.



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