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The Reveal 3 Part Series : The Reveal Session 1

Is HE or isn't HE? God, that is. In all cultures, the # 1 mystery of all mysteries is God and most men seem to want this dilemma solved. But which God? What God? Who is He? What's he like? What are his plans? How does he feel about me? How can I connect with him? Do I want to connect with him? Men on the fence want a personal revelation of God but are not sure they want the beliefs and behaviors that go with God being in the picture. CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A SIMPLE STRAIGHT FORWARD ANSWER? In the THE REVEAL men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck tackles the greatest mystery of all time--GOD himself. Watch this session and series so that you can decide for yourself. Pull back the curtain on God so He can stop being a mystery and start becoming an experience!


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