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The Sex Series Session 2

If you believe culture’s messaging to men on sexual behavior you get a sense that we are just suckers thrown to whatever impulse happens to be tingling at any given time. Men are physical creatures equipped with testosterone which creates drives and moods that are acted out sexually. God put it there!But those energies, positive or negative, can be harnessed, managed, and expressed in healthy versus unhealthy way PHYSICALLY. So where do you go physically with your testosterone? What behaviors characterize your life sexually? Are they helpful to you and others or hurtful? In Part II join men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck as he explores sexual expression through your BODY. Single or married, young or old, your physical sexual appetites are not put there not just so that you can experience RELEASE. Those desires are there for you to experience fulfillment and His purpose in every season of your life.

4 Part Series

The Sex Series 4 part series

By Kenny Luck - 11/14/2012

Sex. Say no more. It is the wallpaper of our lives—at every level. Men, women, children, married, single, single again must contend, embrace, wrestle with, and develop a way to think about their relationship to their sexual nature so that they are not destroyed or ruined by this gift from God. For something so pervasive and powerful IT IS SILLY that men, in particular, hide this vital, god-given aspect of life in the shadows or drink the Kool-Aid of broken male sexual expression. Join men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck for this four part series on the personal and powerful GIFT of sex.


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