Unbroken 4 Part Series

4 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

"Unbroken" Adversity makes and breaks men. Even the best of men can be worn down over time and spit out by the gravities of life. Join us for this life changing series on how to build yourself up when life is tearing you down.

Unbroken: Session #1

By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

Men spend a lot of energy avoiding pain and suffering only to discover that life remains largely outside of their control and unpredictable. Pain and suffering never ask permission to enter a life, most of the time a wave slams into us unannounced. Strangely, our seasons of adversity and how we respond to them define us as men. They do not leave us the same way they found us either for better or for worse. More importantly, they reveal what's really inside of a man emotionally, morally, spiritually, and psychologically. In this series, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck journeys into the flames of adversity in order to forge new victories for men and those close to them. Watch this session and learn what it means to bend but not break when life attacks.

Unbroken: Session #2

By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

In part II of this gripping series, men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck addresses the unseen culprit causing men to fold under the pressures of life--their expectations. In this session you will see how your expectations shape your reactions that determine the kinds of solutions you seek in adversity. He reveals the powerful emotional forces all men feel deeply and maps out the key perspectives and actions that prevent a man from becoming cynical, selfish, or fatalistic under pressure to remain UNBROKEN.

Unbroken: Session #3

By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

When life is making us uncomfortable, we want one thing: RELIEF! But how do you believe and behave when relief doesn't come right away? Men's expert and pastor Kenny shows how trials plus time reveal our true character and faith. In our quick fix, instant relief culture, men seemed to have lost their ability to endure a process and persevere through pain. In this session, Pastor Kenny reveals the epic spiritual battle surrounding your emotional battles in the midst of adversity and calls every man to fight back against the forces that seek to use adversity to destroy him. To remain UNBROKEN a man must win the battle of the mind.

Unbroken: Session #4

By Kenny Luck - 8/6/2012

In this final session Men's expert and pastor Kenny Luck takes you beyond circumstances, past feelings, and into the presence of God himself. In this session, Kenny answers the question: what is God using adverse cicrcumstances to accomplish in my life that comfortable circumstances could never achieve? Every man can have that "A-hah!" moment from God that infuses his circumstances with meaning and inspires a deeper vision and worship of God. Time and tears may not be eliminated, but faith and hope remain unbroken. Receive that hope yourself or share hope with a friend by engaging or passing along this final and inspiring session.



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