Work In Progress 5 Part Series

5 Part Series
By Kenny Luck - 7/9/2013

Guys are about getting there and fast. This aspect about us is helpful some of the time but not helpful in our walk with God. As we'll learn in this five part series, when it comes to YOU God is way more interested in the process than in the product. But you are gonna have to trust him.

Work In Progress Session 1

By Kenny Luck - 7/9/2013

You are not what you were. You are also not all you can be. This is every man’s reality but most men are in the fog on how to confidently move forward. In Session I Men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck clearly defines the steps every man needs to take to work with God, shows you exactly what progress looks like, what the process will involve, and God’s “end game” for the product call YOU.

Work In Progress Session 2

By Kenny Luck - 7/9/2013

You cannot become the man you need to be by remaining who you are. Staying the same person doesn’t work for God and definitely does not work for the people relying on your character to improve over time. In Session II men’s expert and Pastor Kenny Luck identifies the number one driver of growth men’s lives and what should be the number one focus: relationships. After this session you will see how meaningful progress as a man means working God’s process with people.

Work In Progress Session 3

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

A man’s age has nothing to do with a man’s maturity. The universal definition of maturity centers around a man’s ability to say “no” to himself in the moment in order to say “yes” to higher purposes or people. In Session III men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck discusses the strongest but difficult aspect of personal growth: self control. The clear sign of progress in God’s process for your life is having the desire, discipline, and power to say “no” to self in order to say “yes” to a stronger vision and hope.

Work In Progress Session 4

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

The old you won’t cut it. Life and relationships demand “new” from every man. Each “new” day presents “new” challenges and demand a “new” you in the forms of new character and new conduct.. God is all about creating a new you. But a new you will require disciplines that insure you can make the transitions with confidence. In Session IV men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck introduces you to the two “power” disciplines that insure the “new” you happens.

Work In Progress Session 5

By Kenny Luck - 7/10/2013

To make progress we engage the process. That process involves focusing relationally, winning battles internally, and training spiritually. Now what? In Session 5 men’s expert and pastor Kenny Luck reveals the ultimate purpose of you getting healthy and strong as a man: to get going. In this final and powerful session you will identify what new outer actions in your life reveal, validate, and prove your inner progress.



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